Attendance Analysis Reports


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

To view the Attendance Reports on Viindoo software, navigate to the Attendances app > Reporting.

View the Chart report

When you enter the reporting view, by default, the system will view the Chart report. The default report will be a monthly bar chart report with Hours Worked for the vertical axis and quantity of Check In for the horizontal axis.

Reporting view

To change the criteria for the vertical axis, select another value on the Measures.


To change the criteria on the horizontal axis, you can use the filter and group tools. When there are multiple criteria on the horizontal axis, the system will show a Stacked report, making it a lot easier to understand.

Filter, group

Besides the Bar chart, you can also view the same report using the Line chart and Pie chart.

Pie chart

Use the Measures and filter, group tools to view the report for the needed criteria.

Criteria on a Pie chart

Using the Bar chart and Line chart, you can select Descending/Ascending to view the report, making it more convenient for you when giving quotations.

Ascending and descending

View the Pivot report

To view the Pivot report, select the Pivot icon.

View the Pivot report

You can use the filter, group tools to view the needed reports.

Using filter and group on Pivot

Select the suggested value on the Measures to view on the report. You can select multiple values.

Using measures on pivot

If the values on the Measure aren’t detailed enough, you can press the “-”/”+” icon on the criteria.

Close, open the record.