Synchronization with Google’s Calendar

To avoid missing important meetings on the Viindoo system, help the calendar management to be centralized for more flexible operations, you need to synchronize your Viindoo calendar with the Google calendar.


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

Getting Google Key

You have to log in to your Google account that needs to be synchronized at first and access the link:

Click on the 3 dashes icon on the left corner screen (Navigation menu), then, select APIs & Services > Credentials.


The view-screen will be changed likes the below picture:

Credentials view

Click on CREATE CREDENTIALS > OAuth client ID.

OAuth client ID

Click on the down arrow on the Application Type section to select Web application and the name for OAuth 2.0 client on the Name section.

Application type, name

Click on Add URI button to input the following data:

  • Authorized JavaScript origins: Enter the URL of the system that you are using.

  • Authorized redirect URIs: This is the redirect link after your Google account authentication. Enter the URL of the system that you are using and connect with the string google_account/authentication.


When you have completed the information, click on Create.

Create OAuth client id

Your needed Google Key is shown on the view of Client ID and Client Secret that popped up.

Client ID và Client Secret

Module installation and set up integration information

To synchronize the feature of Viindoo Calendar with Google Calendar on Viindoo system, you have to install the Google Calendar module (google_calendar). Navigate to Viindoo Apps on the main view, search “Google Calendar” and click on Install.

Module installation

After completing the installation, navigate to Settings > Integration, enable Google Calendar feature, enter the Client ID and Client Secret which you get above and click on Save.

Enter the Gmail Credentials data

Synchronize Viindoo Calendar with Google Calendar

After the integration information is configured, navigate to the Calendar module and book a meeting (if needed).

Click on the Google button to synchronize the booked meetings on Viindoo Calendar with Google Calendar.

Enter the Gmail Credentials data

The Redirection wizard will be popped out to authorize Google access to Viindoo Calendar, click on Ok button.

The Google Redirection wizard

Select the account you want to sync.

Select account to synchronize

What you need to do at this step is to carefully read the privacy policy and click on Allow option if you agree.

Allow the privacy policy

You can see the Synched with Google notice highlighted on the right of Viindoo Calendar view.

Synched with Google Calendar

To check and view your Google Calendar, go to the Google Calendar service/app. Data of Viindoo Calendar and Google Calendar are both shown on the view screen.

View Viindoo Calendar on Google Calendar

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