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From leads to customers, suppliers. It is not just managing contacts.

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What do businesses get from Viindoo Contact?

Totally free when using with Viindoo system.

Methodically classify, consistently manage contacts.

Quickly search among millions of contact information.


Key Features of Viindoo Contacts

Provide multi-dimensional information of partners

Users can access information based on their level of access rights: 

  • Opportunities linked with partners;

  • Website visitor history;

  • Related sales orders/purchase orders/invoices/debts;

  • Related meetings/events;

  • In-progress tasks in related projects;

  • etc.

Viindoo Contacts provide multi-dimensional information of partners

Fast and efficient search and classification tool

Easily leverage your customer data for marketing and customer care campaigns and strategies.

Filter, Group contacts by flexible criteria

Filter, Group contacts by flexible criteria

  • Demographics: state, country, birthday;

  • Type of partners: Employees, Customers, Suppliers…;

  • Salesperson in charge;

  • Company;

  • etc.

Create shareable personalized filters

Partner databases are seamlessly used across all business activities to leverage customer data sources to avoid duplication and errors.

Create personalized contact filters with Viindoo Contacts

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Connect the customer data to the sent quotations and orders.                                        



Track all customer response, operate sell process from leads and chances.                   



Revenue, cost, profit and invoices are connected to each proper contact.                



Create price inquiries or orders based on minimum stock/ related customer orders. 

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