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Viindoo Website

Viindoo Website bring you solution

Build, design, and optimize websites - without hiring any designers and developers​  

 All data is linked to a single enterprise platform

  Build websites that tailored to any industry, any business size​

SEO-optimization supported: boost traffic and website rank on search engines​  

Track visitors from their first click and through every touchpoint on website. Easily monitor and optimize campaigns, content quality

       Various available forms for all needs: Survey, Contact, Email Marketing Subscription...

Key Features of Viindoo Website

Easy and professional SEO standard website design

Create exquisite, pixel-perfect designs by drag-and-drop. Quickly choose, apply from available templates, blocks, shapes, palettes, fonts, images, etc. 

Customize every details within blocks: 

  • Adjust colors, effects, sizes, background, stroke, buttons... 
  • Duplicate or delete blocks, columns in a click.
Compile texts, paragraphs with fully-featured text editor.


Build a website with ease using the best website builder, with no coding knowledge required.

Multi-functional website management

Viindoo Website

Build and Manage websites

Simple website builder with drag-and-drop blocks, SEO-optimized features, and responsive templates .

Viindoo Live Chat

Live chat

Live chat - Interact and support customers timely right on the website.

Viindoo Events

Promote and sell event tickets

Event management software - a unified platform to post, promote, and sell event tickets easily.  

Viindoo eCommerce

Sell online with
e-Commerce websites

Optimize online sales with an e-commerce website. 

Viindoo blogs

Build up and connect with your community

A platform to build blogs, increase user interaction via forum questions and get support from the community.

Viindoo eLearning

Share knowledge and sell online courses

E-learning Software builds up user-friendly courses, fully integrated with Survey to create respondent surveys after every course.  

Real-time reports

Visualize all website data (view, visitors...), fully integrated with data from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. 

Track, manage sales orders from website, revenue by campaigns/ medium/ sources... 

Visualized, real-time reports of Viindoo Website

Ready to expand and integrate

Viindoo Website is a vital part of Viindoo Solution.

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