ERP for Industrial Manufacturing

Viindoo ERP for Industrial Manufacturing - In-depth management solutions for the mechanical manufacturing industry.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment: lathes, milling machines, cutting machines, welding machines, electronic equipment, tools...

Mechanical Components; Transportation and Operation equipment (cranes, production lines, conveyors, motors, pumps, valves...)

Metalworking Products: from metal materials (steel, aluminum, copper) to machine components, parts...

ERP for Industrial Machinery, Equipment and more

More than an industrial manufacturing software, Viindoo ERP enhances production processes (mass production, job production, make-to-order production, batch production), mechanical outsourcing, MPS, quality control, optimizes inventory, purchasing, connects with the supply chain, CRM, financial management, etc.

Viindoo ERP for Industrial Manufacturing

How can we help Mechanical Manufacturers

in efficiently managing and operating their manufacturing processes?

Production planning and scheduling

  • Schedule manufacturing orders based on sales orders, inventory forecast, current production capacity...
  • Forecast and manage resources such as machinery, labor, and necessary materials for production.
  • Real-time production progress and inventory to adjust production plans as needed.
  • Track production progress for each production order and per customer order.

Manage Technical drawing & Product data

  • Manage technical drawings: detailed information on dimensions, materials, and other technical specifications.
  • Manage product data: components, manufacturing processes, and specific technical attributes.
  • Monitor product versions: design changes, technical information updates, and upgrade versions over stages.

Bill of Materials (BOM) management

  • Build BoM for each product based on information from technical drawings and production processes.
  • Flexible management of multi-level BoM to accommodate production processes from simple to complex.
  • Calculate the quantity of materials needed based on the number of products to be manufactured and other factors (by-products, scrap materials).
  • Compare actual material consumption with the plan.

Supply chain management

  • Manage inventory and monitor material consumption at each stage of production.
  • Automatic replenishment based on inventory or order requirements to supply materials timely, create additional production orders, transfer goods, and materials between warehouses/factories.
  • Real-time detailed inventory reporting.

Quality control

  • Control the quality of raw materials, finished goods, and products.
  • Monitor and record quality parameters from the production process.
  • Create quality alerts and provide preventive/corrective requirements during production.

Manufacturing cost

  • Control input costs, labor costs, and general manufacturing costs.
  • Collect manufacturing costs and allocate costs reasonably.
  • Automatic reporting on manufacturing costs as a basis for calculating product prices.

Moving Towards the Smart Factory

IoT integrations

Integrating discrete production stages (bending, cutting, welding, painting/plating, polishing...); collecting real-time production data.

Integration with third parties

Providing APIs to connect with customers' existing design software and management systems

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"We have standardized our mechanical production process with Viindoo software and are progressing towards automating 80% of the processes by integrating IoT."

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Viindoo ERP Software for Industrial Manufacturing
Manage industrial manufacturing with Viindoo Software

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Manage all your warehouses

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Manage product quality

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What specific features does ERP system offer for industrial manufacturing?

Viindoo software provides a full range of features for managing mechanical manufacturing businesses:

  • Production management: MRP + MES + PLM + Quality + Maintenance + Warehouse
  • Enterprise Operations: Human Resources, Payroll, Financial Accounting, Office Management, Sales Management, and Commercial Activities, etc.

Viindoo ERP for Industrial Manufacturing charges according to the actual number of monthly users, allowed access to all applications. Checkout here: Viindoo Pricing

With production activities, Viindoo provides a full range of reports:

  • Work orders report;
  • Manufacturing orders report;
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness report;
  • Production Cost Report;
  • Loss Components Analysis.

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