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Viindoo Project software
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As a CEO - Are you managing tasks effectively? 

Do you know your employee's work progress? Who is in charge? How's the result? Do any problems arise?

Do you waste time monitoring and reminding employees to work?

Do your employees blame others for inadequate results?

Do you have to wait forever for reports?

Viindoo Project

Optimal Project Management, Assignment and Work Progress Solution for Your Business

Keep track of the progress, manage the workflow

Flexible project management software makes project execution easier to work on. 

Viindoo Project Gantt Chart view

Monitor and follow up the work progress

   Plan and manage tasks in order of priority.

   Track the work progress of each employee with project tracker software: tasks, execution time, due date, overdue, etc.

   Record actual working time instead of employee presence time thanks to the integration of logging timesheet right on the task.

Standardize the workflow

  Customize & drag and drop to stage tasks on the Kanban interface.

   Establish a scientific work management process. Coordinate smoothly among departments, immediately detect the problem to solve.

   Automatically send updates email  when the task's stage changes.

Modern interface for users

Track work progress from multiple views with various visual charts


  Kanban view

 List view

  Calendar view

  Pivot table

 Graph view

  Activity view

 Gantt chart

Collaborative work, transparent information 

Divide workload and coordinate implementation among departments on the same software interface. 

Communicate directly in the task: send messages, add and tag followers, attach documents, photos...

Record changes, and real-time chat history for post-audit.

Send emails, and collaborate with customers on the task interface while ensuring security.

Viindoo task management software: Create automatic actions to remind and avoid missing tasks.

Integrate ether pad - collaborate on each task in real-time.

Work online on any devices.

Collaborative work on Viindoo Project

Enterprise Resources Forecasting

User guidesEnterprise-resources-forecasting-with-Viindoo-Project

Allocate resources, assign tasks to people or departments in charge.

Prepare time forecasts and deadlines for each project.

The progress of the project is fully updated on the tracking board and links to OKR.

Compare expected and actual time to calculate profit.

 Lively and instant reporting system

Visualize data, reduce the workload of managers and employees

Turn boring statistics into clear, intuitive, vivid charts and tables, updating data in real time

View reports by multi-criteria with groups and filters: employee, status, execution time, deadline, etc.

Analyze reports from overview to details: 

  • Project overview report: total working time of employees, record profitability of the project
  • Detailed Project Cost and Revenue report
  • Task analysis report with Gantt interface


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