Viindoo OKR - Manage business performance by OKR  

 Set Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), publicly share with all employees.

 Plan specific implementation strategy, closely follow achievement progress against defined goals. 

 Levarage employees' potential, improve internal commitment.

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Viindoo OKR - Convey the spirit of OKR

Focus on the most important values.

Replace imposition with the highest consent.

Gather all resources to achieve goals.

Enable employees empowerment. 

Help every employees see their contribution to company goals. 

Build up a data-driven culture.

Map out the destinations for your company

Set strategic goals 

  • Set OKRs for the company/ department/ employee levels in two dimensions: top-down and bottom-up.

  • Goals of company - department - employees are set out consistently and closely. The overall oganization goals are allocated into key results - which are objectives of lower levels.

  • Allows setting different weights for key results in each objective to prioritize specific projects/ tasks.

  • Easy to set up and manage OKRs in multi companies.

Set strategic goals with Viindoo OKR

Spread the goals, unify the teams

All employees can view OKRs on Viindoo software, clearly capture the connection among company - department - employees objectives and key results through an intuitive organization viewWith Viindoo OKR, team members see how their work contributes to company goals, understand the value of their strengths and skills to the whole accomplishment.

Organization view of Viindoo OKR

Viindoo OKR - Manage business performance by Objectives and Key Results

Keep all employees on track to meet company goals

Enhance execution capability instead of mere planning

Closely linked with Project Management and Timesheet applications: associate Projects and Tasks with OKRs,
log timesheets for corresponding tasks, help managers track progress of objectives and key results.

Link with Project and Timesheet applications

Regularly update and evaluate results

  • Proactively update points for key results on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. (0 is partial failure, 0.6-0.7 is on track, and 1 is goal accomplished).

  • Automatically update objectives' progress based on key results, which helps managers closely monitor the progress of completing OKRs.

  • Easily filter, group with many criteria, quickly search for objectives, key results, progress of related employees/ departments by month, quarter, status, weight, etc.

Update objectives' progress

Viindoo OKR - Inprove cohesion, focus and commitment
for your company

Motivate employees

Set committed/ aspirational objectives with respective success point thresholds to encourage employees to get out of their comfort zone and get the best results possible.

Build up data-driven culture

All objectives and key results are clearly set out, can be measured in a transparent, fair and accurate manner.

Increase accountability

  • Transparent organizational relationship: each objective and key result is assigned to specific responsible person.

  • Store the entire history of editing, discussing on each OKR Node, helping to proactively, quickly control and solve arising problems. 

Chatter on Viindoo OKR

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications

Project Management
Project Management

Attach OKRs to Projects/tasks, helping to track the progress of achieving goals.

Discover Project Management 

Assign tasks to each employee and follow up the working performance.


Manage the worktime to automatically calculate the total cost of the project.

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