Viindoo HRM

List of Viindoo HRM application suites

Applications are integrated in the comprehensive suite of human resource management solutions Viindoo HRM

Viindoo Employees

Information management system, personnel records

Viindoo Recruitment

Recruitment Manager

Viindoo E-learning

Training management, online learning​

Viindoo OKR

 Governance by Objectives and Key Results

Viindoo Attendance

 Standardize the Time Attendance process in/out

Viindoo Payroll

Automatic salary calculation and management

 Viindoo Time-Off

Leave Tracking and Leave Management

Viindoo Overtime

 Overtime Management

Viindoo Employee Advance

Advance Management 

Viindoo Expense

Expense Management

 Viindoo HR Meal

Manage Staff Meals

Viindoo Survey

Online survey​

 Viindoo HR Skills

HR Skills Framework

 Viindoo Timesheets

Work Time Management

Viindoo Discuss

Internal communications and announcements 

More than a Human Resource Management Solution

Viindoo HRM is an indispensable component in Viindoo All-in-one Enterprise Management Solutions, meeting all management and operation needs, and powering all business growth.

Optimize management

Digitize all HR data, standardize and automate HR management processes.

mo rong thong minh

Smart integration

Integrate applications for HR management on a single system.

chi phi phu hop

Reasonable cost

One-size-fits-all solution for different company sizes, company budgets.

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Use anytime, anywhere, on any device with internet connection.

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