Viindoo HRM

Total Human Resource Management

  Talent Acquisition.

  Employee management.

   Performance management with OKRs.

  HR  Training and Development.

  Compensation and benefits policy.

Viindoo Human Resource Management Software

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Talent Acquisition

  • Create job offers according to departmental needs.

  • Customize the recruitment process according to businesses.

  • Screening, interviewing and evaluating candidates.

  • Build a professional online recruitment website.

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Employee management

  • Organize and digitize all employee information.

  • Labor contract management.

  • Manage assignment and work mailboxes.

  • Manage actual working time of employees.

  • Digitize proposal and approval procedures. 

  • Management of employee onboarding, offboarding, rotation.

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Performance management with OKRs

  • Quantify goals and key results with transparent metrics.

  • Detailed allocations, tracking and reporting progress visually.

  • Accurately evaluate efficiency, provide management reports for human resource planning.

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HR Training and Development

  • Building a clear skill framework & employee evaluation system.

  • Online course system, ability test, learning process record.

  • Career progression and capacity development. 

Ứng dụng Viindoo Học trực tuyến

Compensation and benefits policy

  • Automatically calculate salary according to the salary structure specified on the labor contract.

  • Create detailed salary slips with strictly access rights to secure information.

  • Automatically update allowances, build compensation and benefits policy according to performance and work results.


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