Paper-free employee advance process

  • Take all steps in the software system - reducing paperwork. 

  • Managers can approve employee advance requests at any time just via internet connection. 

  • Accurate and consistent data throughout the system.


Keep track of all employee advance requests

  • Manage all employee advance requests in one view

  • Available and customizable filters to classify requests by departments, employees or status, etc. help easily control expenses, make payment, and reconcile.


Automatic and accurate accounting

  • No paper notes or manual entry in Excel. 

  • Automatically post all journal entries in payment, reconciliation and reimbursement quickly and accurately.


Easy reconciliation

  • Gather all journal entries related to requestors in reconciliation view

  • Suggest for better choice of entries for reconciliation and reimbursement. 


Employee advance report

  • Automatically analyze data of employees’ account payable, account receivable. Exportable reports in Excel format.

  • Intuitively and vividly display reports created from many available criteria. Various report types: Pivot table view, line chart, pie chart, bar chart.


 Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications 



Automate accounting, closely track revenue - cost - profit and create finance report adhering to Vietnamese Accounting Standards.



Manage employee documents, employee contracts by Employees application.



Manage and track daily  incurred cost by Expenses application.

Viindoo Employee Advance and more

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