What is Viindoo Recruitment management software?

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is part of the company's HRMs software system. The software supports the management of the entire recruitment process and optimizes the implementation stages from proposal, candidate search to interview, evaluation, and response to recruitment results.

Viindoo Recruitment App Overview

Features of HR recruitment software Viindoo Recruitment

Viindoo Recruitment is an management software that owns many outstanding features to help manage recruitment effectively

Your own recruitment website 

Recruitment management software

 Automatically create a separate recruitment page for businesses to attract more candidates.

 Multilingual recruitment site with smart translation feature.

 Link data with the back-office management system.

 Easily customizable interface: drag and drop content blocks to create eye-catching recruitment pages. 

 Compatible with all devices: computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Build and Manage Candidate Resources with Candidate Relationship Management System

Build a candidate database on a single platform, avoiding data loss and dispersion that might occur when using traditional tools. 

 Link with top-tier Recruiting Websites, such as ITviec, Vietnamwork, Careerbuilder, etc and Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

 Record exact recruitment campaign, source of candidate profiles. 

 Automatically create contacts associated with candidate profiles when applicants click the Apply button on the website. 

 Quickly, fully update candidate information: contact information, qualifications, education, experience, skills, etc.

 Store all profiles in the system, enabling recruiters to easily trace back in case candidates re-apply.

HR recruitment softwarec

Automatically process candidate profiles

Save time processing candidate records by using HR file software. Minimize manual work for the Recruitment Department  with application tracking system

 Attach candidate profiles to the right vacancies with email alias.

 Sort profiles with customizable filters: Education, Skills, Addresses, Source of application, etc.

 Automatically send email to candidates every time the recruitment phase changes: rejection, interview invitation, congratulation... through Viindoo Email Marketing.

 Create employee profile from candidate profile by one click.

HR recruitment management software
Recruitment software

Customize Recruiting Process with applicant tracking software

Easily create recruitment stages anddirectlyassign people in charge to each profile.

 Using Kanban view to set up enterprises' own recruiting process: Initial qualification, First and Second interview, Contract Proposal, etc.

 Easily add new stages when the process changes.

 Quickly analyze candidate profiles information right on the overview.

Create an interview schedule right in the candidate's profile

 Set up interview right on candidate profile. Arrange clear interview calendar, send reminders via email. 

 Sync Google Calendar with Viindoo Calendar.

 Add custom interview templates associated with different vacancies and candidate profiles, never miss any important information about the candidate. 

Recruitment management software
Recruitment software

Direct Discussion with Candidates

Not just a recruitment management software, Viindoo Recruitment helps you communicate with candidates on the system.

 Email the candidate right on his own profile.

 Add people in charge, schedule activities for relevant people: recruiting department, head of departments, board of directors, etc.

 Record entire interaction history with candidates in real time. Track the entire process of discussion with candidates, avoiding information missing.

Recruitment Reports

Viindoo human resource recruitment software helps to measure and improve recruitment efficiency, optimize costs for administrators to make reasonable decisions with visual recruitment reports.

 Evaluate recruitment costs to develop long-term strategies for human resources and recruitment.

 Analyze number of candidates on each recruitment channel and its effectiveness.

 Report candidate conversion rate by department and vacancy.

 Export excel reports.

 Store all profiles in the system, enabling recruiters to easily trace back in case candidates re-apply.

Recruitment management software

Why should you choose Viindoo Recruitment recruitment management software?

Automate the recruitment process

Automate the recruitment process

Increase work productivity, reduce candidate waiting time and show the professionalism of your business

  Fully integrated with necessary features

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Support recruitment management consulting

 In addition to providing recruitment software solutions, Viindoo also advises businesses on the recruitment process and how to create a multilingual recruitment website with intelligent translation

Instruction and training on using the software

To ensure convenience in using Viindoo's software, the unit has created a set of detailed user manuals.

In addition, Viindoo also provides training and technology transfer services, helping users understand how Viindoo Business Administration Software works.

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Recruitment software

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