Viindoo ERP software for Event planner

Discover Software for event planners ​​to become 

a professional event organizer for any theme, format and more.

Online, ofline, and hybrid events 

In-house team and event planner agency

Conferences, webinars, workshops, 

All-in-one Event Management Platform

All-in-one Software for Event planner

ERP software connects multiple activities on a single platform. From event planning, organizing, assigning tasks and collaboration, to employees managament, finance and accounting. 

 Event organizer technology of excellent 

Whether you are arranging a business conference, a wedding, a trade show, or a music festival, Viindoo Event can be a reliable system to ensure that all aspects of the event run smoothly.

 Event organizer technology of excellent 

Reel time info. Any time. Any where.

The software using cloud computing technology, tracking progress of each task within the team, enhancing effective teamwork and always updating in real time.

Event check-in via QR code.

With the QR code scanning feature when attendees check in at the event, the manager can easily capture customer information.


Intuitive interface with a customized website.

Create beautiful event pages with full features for selling event tickets such as registration, online ticket sales, recording registrations, and suggesting upcoming events, etc.

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How can we help the event organizers

When the event organizers must use a lot of software to connect internally, Viindoo Event ensures a seamless connection and consolidation between teams.

Promote, Sell tickets & receive payments

  • Setting up various ticketing conditions and online payment methods for each event. Easy to determine whether an event is free or ticketed.
  • Automatically display event agenda with a clean and minimalist design.
  • Design and publish information to help promote events right on the Website application.

Event Sponsors & Floor Plan

  • Viindoo helps you create and manage sponsor information for each event.
  • The system automatically creates commonly used levels such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and ribbons attached to each corresponding level.
  • Provides features to help businesses manage the sale of booths during events.

CRM and Marketing

  • Data on customer interactions when registering for an event will be updated in real-time.
  • Use CRM systems to centralize customer data.
  • Integrate Viindoo Digital Marketing to create communication campaigns: send test batches, social media platforms, etc.

 Human resources and payroll

  • Manage human resources by assigning tasks to each specific employee. Enhance work progress and efficiency.
  • Automate payroll for each employee and team. Standardize salary calculation procedures.
  • Ensure that complete and accurate salary information is provided for each employee who has a software account or is able to send an email with a salary slip to each individual.

Organize Scheduled Events

  • Allow managing the entire schedule, event venues, organizers, as well as event attendees.
  • Plan the implementation, assign tasks for each step in the event organization process, helping the organizers manage and capture information in real time.
  • Tracking attendance directly on each task helps you control the overall timing of the event process.

Accouting & Financial

  • Integrating accounting software supports effective planning for event organization.
  • Control data throughout the operational process, transparently, accurately in real time.
  • According to each process, the software establishes rules to minimize errors caused by data input from multiple stages, multiple people, and supports speeding up the organization for event planning.
Quote for Viindoo event software

"The Viindoo software has been fully optimized to assist organizers in controlling and capture information, ensuring the event runs on schedule!"

Viindoo ERP Software for Event Organizers 

Event Managament & Promotion with Viindoo Software

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Schedule & effectively organize 

Accounting & Finance

General Accounting, Costing

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Live chat

Interact customers in real-time.


Digitize employee profile

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Manage your project

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Enhance customer experience

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Manage customers, contacts


Manage salaries

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FAQs about Event Management & Promotion

According to many reports, customers can easily access events via mobile devices. Attendees or sponsors can easily access your website. Because Viindoo ERP operates based on cloud computing technology. With just a browser and internet connection, you can access and have an intuitive experience on your desktop, tablet, and mobile device whether you're using iOS or Android.

Viindoo ERP Software for Event Management & Promotion charges according to the actual number of monthly users, allowed access to all applications. Checkout here:

You absolutely can. We provide detailed documentation to guide you through the installation and deployment of your business system. In case your data is too complex and you're unsure where to start, we offer ERP Deployment services to make it easier for you.


Viindoo software provides Viindoo Customizer app to help businesses adjust and design applications to suit their management needs.

Besides, the software is built according to a modular structure, easily expanding applications according to specific needs without having to rebuild the ERP system from scratch. We also provide customization services so businesses can choose to develop additional features as required.

Curious about how an event ERP system can transform your business?

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