What is a CRM system? Effective building functions & regulations

Is your business growing and want to adopt a CRM system? Want to learn more about how to build this system? You don't know which system to choose for your business. The following article of Viindoo will help you answer all the above questions.

1. What is a CRM system?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a way for businesses to combine technology and people in the business to increase the ability to manage and take care of customers. The main goal of this CRM software is to increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing revenue and brand recognition for businesses.

The specific benefits that CRM systems bring to businesses are as follows:

  • Support to store and update information, interactions and transactions of businesses with customers
  • Control the sales process of the sales team as well as the effectiveness of the consulting team's care activities.
  • Understanding the needs and opinions of customers, thereby determining the business situation and orienting the future development process for the business.
crm systemCRM system is a combination of technology and human factors

CRM is an essential business tool that helps businesses grow. Therefore, whether it is a small or large business or in any industry, it is necessary to apply this CRM system.

2. Functions of the CRM system

In business management, the CRM system has some outstanding functions as follows:

  • Work progress management: The system will track, remind and control the completed work items on time, thereby helping to complete the set business goals.
  • Customer/Contact/Organization: The system has the function of storing and updating customer information such as purchase, interaction, ... fastest, most real-time.
  • Lead: This is a function to classify customers into groups based on needs, information that helps businesses control the group of potential customers from which they can propose plans to increase conversion rates.
  • Potential/Opportunity: This function will provide information and data of users so that businesses can understand their needs and behaviors, thereby seeing business and development opportunities.
crm systemThe CRM system is integrated with many outstanding features

In addition to the above features, the CRM system is also integrated with many other modern functions such as: Multi-platform connection, budget saving, time attendance support... For more detailed advice on the system's features CRM system. CRM system, customers can immediately contact Viindoo through the information below.


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3. The process of building a complete and effective CRM system for businesses

To build a complete CRM system, businesses need to go through many steps. Here, Viindoo would like to send you 5 steps in the process of building an effective CRM system:

Step 1: Plan and clarify the strategic vision of the business

Step 2: Connect the CRM system and the vision and development plan of the business

Step 3: Exploiting and synchronizing existing data of the enterprise and the CRM system

Step 4: Determine the direction of communication content of the CRM system in accordance with the vision

Step 5: Search and develop communication channels suitable for your customer group


4. Which CRM system should I choose for my business?

Currently, there are two popular types of CRM systems:

  • The CRM On Premises system is a system installed directly on the enterprise's server.
  • CRM Cloud system: A cloud-based data integration system

Each system will have different characteristics. Details can be found in the following table:

CRM On Premises system
CRM Cloud system
Confidentiality, safety
Enterprises can control all data related issues, system upgrades, outages and other customizations.The CRM provider will ensure the security of information and data.
Investment cost
Enterprises need to invest a large amount of money in infrastructure, server systems, servers, and highly specialized personnel for the operation process.
Small fees and monthly recurring payments.
Dependent on the installed server and VPS systemRemotely accessible
Possibility to improve
The improvement time is long and expensive because it needs to be learned and builtAll work from building, deploying, updating and upgrading software is done by service providers.

Ease of remote improvement and immediate operation

In general, CRM On Premises and CRM On Cloud systems will have different points. If you want to choose the right CRM system, businesses need to consider many factors such as: field of activity, size of personnel... However, Viindoo's CRM software with many preeminent features will help businesses. solve all the above problems. Using Viindoo's CRM software will help businesses manage their operations well, optimize costs and increase work efficiency for their units.

5. Viindoo CRM software helps businesses manage customers comprehensively

Viindoo CRM is CRM software that supports businesses in customer relationship management. All information from customers such as: characteristics, transaction history, payment, ... are fully managed by Viindoo CRM. Besides, with more than 10 years of experience in researching business management solutions, Viindoo understands the difficulties that businesses face when implementing CRM. Therefore, Viindoo's software will also focus on helping businesses solve problems, optimize management, increase user experience and improve revenue efficiency.

Some outstanding features of Viindoo CRM software can be mentioned as:

  • Management throughout the sales process
  • Support updating and aggregating customer information
  • Build an effective customer care plan
  • Manage the customer care process
  • Sales performance analysis and reporting
  • Integration with a variety of other software
crm systemViindoo CRM software helps businesses manage customers effectively

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The above article of Viindoo has summarized to readers detailed information about CRM system as well as how to build a complete CRM system in the business. Hopefully, the above article will help businesses better understand the CRM system as well as be able to apply the CRM system for stronger development.

What is a CRM system? Effective building functions & regulations
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