Automate payroll work for every employee, department in your organization

Labor-saving in collecting data. Setting up predetermined structures for groups of employees.

Enable real-time salary calculation and eliminate manual work of C&B Executives.

Integrated fully in Viindoo HRM, Viindoo Payroll provides HR Managers with a comprehensive overview of manpower to build optimal HR strategies for sales boost & teams growth.

An indispensable choice helps businesses eliminate manual work and focus on strategic planning, building business culture, training, and developing the workforce.

Key features

Viindoo Payroll 

One-click collection and calculation monthly salary

No more waiting for collecting data

No more waiting for collecting data. All data is recorded and gathered daily for C&B Executives.

Generate Payslips

Generate Pay slips,  Pay slip batches of all employees based on established formulas.

Flexibly select

Flexibly select to create only one or whole company, department, group of employees' pay slip batches.

Standardized salary rules meet your enterprise's common needs

Calculation formula based on the gross salary, bonus and common allowances of the enterprise, helps C&B executives easily update policies.

Build up and Manage the Salary Structure

Flexible and multiple salary structures

  • Hierarchical salary structures enable flexible payroll for multiple positions.

  • Taking advantage of general rules to add a new structure or change a rule quickly and accurately.

  • Applying established salary structures as the basis for automatically calculating monthly salary.

The Salary Sheet for Accountants
Multisource Data Report

Secure salary information

  • Provide comprehensive and precise payslip for each employee via system account or work email.

  • Grant payroll access by position:

    • Employees: Only see their own payslips.

    • Users: for C&B Executives in charge.

    • Administrators: Use all features of the app including creating new, adjusting rules, salary structure.

Integrated with Viindoo Accounting to execute automatic payroll accounting

Record journal entries of payroll expense, payroll contribution based on Vietnamese accounting standards.

Record of payable journal entries to employees and third parties (national insurance, trade union, etc.).

Automatically link all accounting entries to Viindoo Accounting for the next accounting and finance work.

Real-time, multidimensional report and analysis

  • Real-time salary figures help Managers and C&B Executives capture the fluctuations of enterprise' salary expenses

  • Build personalized and flexible reports including multi-criteria.

  • Payroll reports can be visualized in the form of pivot, line chart, bar chart, pie chart... to provide intuitive information, enable trend prediction for strategic plans of human resources.

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications


Integrating with salary calculation based on attendances.  


Choosing the method of salary calculation based on the time allocated for each task recorded on each project.     

Time Off                 

Setting up salary rules for different time off types and automatically calculate according to data recorded on the Time Off app.


Calculating the cost of human resources for a specific job or the tasks of the project in the Project App.

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