Viindoo All-in-one Manufacturing Software

Viindoo Manufacturing software is a comprehensive management solution to meet the production management needs of enterprises in the 4.0 era.

 Integrate all features into one platform

 Streamline processes and optimize performance in all production steps from planning to supplying

 Digitalize and manage all operations in manufacturing businesses

 Ready to expand with unlimited integration​

 Top challenges of manufacturing enterprises

Information gap between planned and actual production: production time, bills of materials, machinery, labor, etc.

Lose control over real-time statuses of manufactured products: locations of products, employee assignments, each manufacturing order's current status and produced quantities.

Increasing complexity of managing multi-warehouse materials, products, and how to analyze them.

Lack of data for planning, analyzing, and calculating product costs based on actual used materials, labor, management resources, depreciation of machinery, equipment, electricity and water, etc.

Waste time & effort for managing different employee types: workers, manufacturing managers, back-office employees, etc. Prone to mistakes when calculating payroll, overtime costs for multiple work shifts, etc.

Advantages of Viindoo Manufacturing software

Production management software solutions - Viindoo MRP always gives users the most optimal utilities

Plan and schedule production, material needs, machinery, and human resources​

Control the depreciation of materials and waste products

Integrate the features of product costing software

Monitor and keep track of the production progress

Prepare reports, data analysis

Integrate ERP software for a comprehensive solution

Key Features of Viindoo ERP software for manufacturers

Flexible business management software for expansion and integration with peripheral devices such as production machinery, measuring tools, sensors, etc. for manufacturing enterprises.​

Manufacturing Process
Viindoo MRP Manage 4.0 Smart Factories

Manage 4.0 Smart Factories

  • Manage all manufacturing resources for manufacturing enterprises including machinery equipment and human resources.
  • Set up time performance, efficiency, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), operating cost for each resource.
  • Build a general to detail manufacturing process with each action attached to a specific resource.
  • Create multi-level Bills of Materials that will meet the need for the simplest to the most complex manufacturing module.

Plan and keep track of manufacturing activities  

  • Automatically create manufacturing planning based on manufacturing activities, efficiency, and timetable of the resources joining in the manufacturing activities.
  • Visualize customizable detailed manufacturing schedule in Gantt chart.
  • Record actual material consumption for each stage, order, compare it with the planned norm and calculate the actual cost based on consumables at each stage.
  • Keep track of manufacturing activity duration, evaluate the efficiency of resources, help optimize the manufacturing plan and process.
  • Cost analyzing report for work orders based on consumables and manufacturing cost based on actual manufacturing time of each resource.
  • Integrate with other apps (human resources, accounting, purchase, sales, inventory, etc.) to help fulfill manufacturing plan according to the information of each resource managed in the system.

Build and optimize inventory planning  

Production planning management software, combined with warehouse software to support accurate inventory planning, and demand forecasting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis thanks to integration

Enterprises can integrate production order management software with purchasing management software, automatically create work orders, dispatch warehouses, or purchase orders to meet planned inventory.

Build and optimize inventory planning

Fulfill all manufacturer's operation

Viindoo Manufacturing software comprises both core features (Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Human Resources) and manufacturing ones (MRP, Quality Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Maintenance, and Warranty).

Provide detailed reports on material usage and machines’ fair wear and tear in each production step; automate quality inspection and maintenance planning.

Combine with supply chain management software to automatically forecast, propose, and record the amount of raw materials input in each production cycle.

Integrate with accounting software to automatically record expenses and depreciation for developing price policies.

Integrate with human resource management system to automatically manage employee attendance and calculate payroll.

Real-time and comprehensive reports

Production management becomes more optimized with an intuitive, multi-dimensional, and flexible reporting system. All information about the production process and performance are fully and instantaneously aggregated, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.​

Viindoo manufacturing software reports
Production software

Viindoo manufacturing software

 Flexible integration and scalability

  • Ready to expand, integrate with equipment and machines, etc.
  • Easily adaptable to any scale, meet the needs of expanding thanks to the modular ERP structure.
  • Available on the website and mobile app, capture all information and data even on the go.
  • Get started in minutes with the minimum cost of 8$/month based on user count.

Viindoo ERP production management software applies comprehensive solutions for multi-industries 

Software for metalworking businesses

Software for businesses in the field of electrical engineering

ERP software for packaging manufacturing businesses

Production software for food companies

And more...

Softwares integrating with Viindoo MRP

Retain complete, real-time control of the entire processes, drive lean manufacturing across your company in one integrated platform. 

Viindoo Accounting 

Manage invoices, liabilities, automatic accounting and prepare financial statements according to Vietnamese Accounting Standards.

Viindoo SCM
Connect every aspect of a supply chain with standardized processes and automated rules.

Viindoo Inventory  
Professional inventory management. Track all import, export processes with Viindoo Inventory.

Viindoo HRM

Fully apply the "People-centric" approach, creating competitiveness for businesses.

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