Viindoo - All-in-One Solution for Manufacturing Enterprises

  • Lean and automate every process. Integrate inventory, sales, purchases, supply chain management, accounting & finance, etc. in ONE platform.

  • Digitalize all operations of manufacturing enterprises. 

  • Resolve all problems in managing a manufacturing enterprise - from common to specialized needs.

  • Ready to expand & integrate, adapting to any changes of your enterprise.


Top pain points of managing a manufacturing enterprise


Information gap between planned and actual production: production time, bills of materials, machinery, labor, etc.

Lose control over real-time statuses of manufactured products: locations of products, employee assignments, each manufacturing order's current status and produced quantities.

Increasing complexity of managing multi-warehouse materials, products, and how to analyze them.

Lack of data for planning, analyzing, and calculating product costs based on actual used materials, labor, management resources, depreciation of machinery, equipment, electricity and water, etc.

Waste time & effort for managing different employee types: workers, manufacturing managers, back-office employees, etc. Prone to mistake when calculating payroll, overtime costs for multiple work shifts, etc.

Viindoo - Revolutionized ERP for all manufacturing industries


Raw materials




Food production

and more...

Comprehensive ERP solution in modular structure

Retain complete, real-time control of the entire processes, drive lean manufacturing across your company in one integrated platform.

Sales - Purchases Management

Products, Inventory

Digitalize & Reinvent lean manufacturing process


Managing excellence across departments

From core operations like managing Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Accounting, Human Resources
to all manufacturing concerns like MRP, Quality, PLM, Repair, Warranty, etc.


Manufacturing Management

Record actual materials consumption, and machines depreciation after every production stage.

Automate QA/QC procedures in line with manufacturing orders, and inventory transfers.

Automatically schedule maintenance requests, ensure continuous production.

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Supply Chain Management

Automatically forecast and suggest timely replenish-ment orders.

Record real-time input and output of materials and finished products to meet planned inventory.

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Accounting and Finance

Automatically plan, allocate and calculate production costs based on materials, labor costs, machines depreciation, etc.

Prepare exact, real-time financial statements, liabilities, tax reports, management reports, profit margins, etc. in a few clicks.

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Human Resources Management

Manage actual working time, overtime, time-off, etc. flexibly with configure-able rules. 

Automatically calculate salary according to the specified working day/shift of each production team, rules of commission and KPI bonus, etc.

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Flexible integration and scalability

Ready to expand, integrate with equipment and machines, etc.

Easily adaptable to any scale, meet the needs of expanding thanks to the modular ERP structure.

Available on website and mobile app, capture all information and data even on the go. 

Get started in minutes with the minimum cost of 126.000 VND/month based on user count.


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