Viindoo Appointment Scheduling Program

 Help businesses schedule, manage and track appointments easily and conveniently. 

 Support customers and partners to proactively book and cancel appointments simply.


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Viindoo Appointments  - Schedule and Manage Appointments Conveniently

 Viindoo Appointments - Simplify Every Appointment Scheduling

Viindoo Appointments is a modern appointment management software supporting convenient appointment management, saving time and human resources for the business, and increasing work efficiency.

Set up an appointment

Allow businesses to create appointments with settings such as Duration, Booking Date, Appointment Type, etc.

Book appointments online

Support customers, partners, etc. to easily book an appointment with the desired services, time frames, and staff.

Get appointment reports

Allow users to track the number of appointments by type of service, user, etc. through Pivot chart and tables.

 Features of Viindoo Appointment Scheduling Software

For Operating Businesses 

 Appointment type management: Users can create, edit, delete, and manage appointments as well as configure information.

 Appointment creation and management: The software integrates with the Calendar application interface and features.

 Customer relationship management: Back-office staff can manage customer lists associated with specific appointments.

 Email notification: The software automatically sends emails for upcoming or created/edited appointments.​

 Reports and statistics: Back-office staff can generate reports and statistics about appointments and related activities.

Viindoo appointments software

Update, track, and manage appointment status and results with an 
intuitive reporting system

 Update appointments according to time setting, appointment type, appointment status, ... in the form of Pivot charts or charts automatically and accurately.

 Allow convenient filtering, grouping appointments, supporting quick search and assessment of appointments status according to many criteria.

Viindoo appointments software
Viindoo appointments software

For Customers with Portal Access

 Choose the services, time frames, and staff for the appointment.

 Fill in the required information to make an appointment.

 Manage, search, and track appointments.

 View/cancel/reset the selected appointment.

 Receive notifications of appointment changes.

For Customers without Portal Access

 Allow choosing the services, time frames, and staff for the appointment.

 Fill in the necessary information to make an appointment.

Viindoo appointments

 Fully Integrated with Other Viindoo software

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Create a quote or sales order from an appointment.

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