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      HR document management software helps analyze, report, centrally store information on records, contracts, working time, development roadmap of human resource.

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      Viindoo Employees

      Does your business still manage records in the traditional way?

      The scientific management of human resources records is very important. The job of arranging and storing records seems to be simple, but requires thoroughness and takes a lot of time if done manually. In particular, with companies with many members, managing records becomes even more difficult:

      • Huge amount of paper records, easy to lose.
      • Takes time to look up information.
      • It is easy to forget the contract period, do not strictly check the data.
      • Difficult to update information immediately when there is a change.

      Don't worry, Viindoo Employee Management System will help you.

      Personnel records management

      Viindoo Employees - Digitizing personnel information and documents

      Viindoo Employees

      Viindoo Employees management system is part of Viindoo's human resource management software solution suite. The software supports the administration of all personnel data, automatically digitizing employee information and documents on one system. With analysis and reporting features, human resource managers can make accurate decisions.

      Personnel file software - Viindoo Employees supports managing all types of records from probationary period to official entry, including: 

      • Identity Card / Citizen ID; Passport; Registration book; Birth certificate; Dossier for family deduction;
      • Probationary contracts; Labor contract; Labor contract appendix;
      • Decisions on job transfer, promotion, salary increase;
      • Social Security Card; Social insurance book; Health insurance card;
      • Training certification;
      • Information confidentiality agreements; 
      • Profile other personal information.

      Benefits that Viindoo Employees software brings

       The Employee software manages all human resource data from recruitment to evaluation and training, easy to use between departments and avoids information loss.

       Support to classify records, analyze and report human resources to make accurate decisions.

       Automatically digitize information, store and preserve employee documents on the system without cumbersome paperwork.

       Allows to sort and search employee information based on any criteria such as name, skill, department, etc. quickly, saving maximum time for the HR department.

       It is possible to build and flexibly adjust the organizational chart to facilitate the assignment of tasks and work coordination.

       Strict control of employee working time. Automatically record and report attendance (late arrival, early return) of each employee.

      Outstanding features of personnel records management software - Viindoo Employees 

      Easily track and manage employee information

      HR file software

      • Manage all employee information: personal information, resume, job information (title, position, skills, experience, seniority,...).

      • Set up an organizational structure chart, making it more convenient to collaborate, assign and coordinate at work.

      • Digitize and store employee records: Employee information, Degrees, Health records, ID cards,... on the same system.

      • Track employee history of rotation, appointment, promotion route.

      • Track the entire employee learning process with training software.

      • Integrate with Surveys application to award certificates and grant badges upon course completion.

      • Share employee information with users in the system but still keep important information confidential, based on user authorization.

      • Easily search, retrieve, add, change, create new data anytime and anywhere.

      Manage labor contracts

      • Record full contract information: Contract number, job positions, titles, contract types, salary and compensation, salary structure, working schedule,...

      • Manage stages of contracts visually on the Kanban interface.

      • Remind users to renew contracts when they're due.

      • Provide data for automatic salary rules.
      Personnel management software

      Personnel information report

      Records management software

      • Combined with Viindoo Time-Off software manage employee time off days and reasons according to different time off types.

      • Set up different working hours: office hours 40h/week, 44h/week,... overtime plan for departments or individuals in the company.
      • Combined with timekeeping software that automatically records and reports timesheets to control the actual working time of employees.
      • Control actual working hours and timekeeping, export data to payroll software to calculate personnel salaries


      Apply Gamification to business management. Inspire and motivate employees with worthy challenges, goals and rewards.

      Easily set goals and publicly recognize individual or team achievements.


      Advanced search filter

      • Automated reporting system, updating, instant analysis, visualization with search by filters and groups, easy to customize according to user needs.

      • Help managers easily synthesize, analyze evaluation and make HR accurate decisions (job assignment, rotation, appointment, salary adjustment, dismissal,...).
      Viindoo Search filter in Employees Application

      Criteria for choosing the right HR document management system

      1. Suitable for each type and demand of enterprises.

      2. Ensure information security and data storage safety.

      3. Ability to integrate with other necessary features.

      4. Can evaluate and plan human resources in the future.

      5. Friendly interface, easy to use.

      Full integration with other Viindoo HRM Apps​

      The software supports integration with other models in the Viindoo HRM solution suite.


      Viindoo Recruitment 

      Complete the recruitment process, track candidates, search HR data.

      Viindoo E-learning

      Viindoo E-learning 

      Develop internal training programs and processe


      Viindoo Payroll

      Set up separate payroll and salary rules for each employee

      Viindoo Discuss

      Viindoo Attendance 

      Automate employee attendance in real time​

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