Viindoo Employees overview

      Digitize all employee data

      Easily track and manage employee information

      • Manage all employee information: personal information, resume, job information (title, position, skills, experience, seniority,...).

      • Set up an organizational structure chart, making it more convenient to collaborate, assign and coordinate at work.

      • Digitize and store employee records: Employee information, Degrees, Health records, ID cards,... on the same system.

      • Track employee history of rotation, appointment, promotion route.

      • Track employee's entire learning process with E-learning courses.

      • Integrate with Surveys application to award certificates and grant badges upon course completion.

      • Not only share employee information with internal users but also keep confidential employee documents secure, based on user access rights.

      • Easily search, retrieve, add, change, create new data anytime and anywhere.

      Viindoo Employee manage employee information

      Manage labor contracts

      • Record full contract information: Contract number, job positions, titles, contract types, salary and compensation, salary structure, working schedule,...

      • Manage stages of contracts visually on the Kanban interface.

      • Remind users to renew contracts when they're due.

      • Provide data for automatic salary rules.

      Viindoo Employees Manage labor contracts

      Manage employee working time


      • Manage employee time off days and reasons according to different time off types.

      • Control the working time and log timesheet in real time.

        • Set up different working schedule: Standard 40 hours/week, 44 hours/week,... or overtime plan for departments or individuals in the company.

        • Automatically record and make timesheet reports to control the actual working time of employees.


      Apply Gamification to business management. Inspire and motivate employees with worthy challenges, goals and rewards.

      Easily set goals and publicly recognize individual or team achievements.


      Advanced search filter

      • Automated reporting system, updating, instant analysis, visualization with search by filters and groups, easy to customize according to user needs.

      • Help managers easily synthesize, analyze evaluation and make HR accurate decisions (job assignment, rotation, appointment, salary adjustment, dismissal,...).

      Viindoo Search filter in Employees Application

      Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications

      Ứng dụng quản lý tuyển dụng



      Complete the recruiting process, keep track on candidates, search the personnel data.




      Set up your payslips and payslip batches and calculate salary for each employee.

      Discover Viindoo Payroll  


      Employee Advance

      Manage and track the employee advance payment in real time with Internet connection required only.

      quan-ly-bang-cham-cong Timesheet  

      Record and manage working time for each employee based on assigned tasks and projects.  

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