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10 best payroll software and personnel management software

In the current 4.0 technology era, payroll software is considered a great solution for businesses when performing timekeeping, payroll and personnel management. The software automates data export and calculates workers/employees salary according to pre-programmed formulas, saving time for HR and accounting departments. Let's refer to the TOP 10 most trusted payroll management software today!

Automatic payroll software Viindoo Payroll

Viindoo Payroll is an employee payroll software developed by Viindoo Joint Stock Company. The application is in the HR software solution suite, easily combined with other utilities such as: Time attendance software; personnel file software; leave tracking software... to automatically aggregate and retrieve data as a basis for employee salary calculation, helping to pay salaries accurately, scientifically, quickly and optimize time.

Salary software

Viindoo Payroll software automates payroll and personnel management

Outstanding features of Viindoo payroll management software:

  • Calculate salary automatically and record monthly salary in just a few steps, ensuring accuracy to send to salary officers.
  • The salary calculation structure is diverse, flexible, can supplement or change the structure and rules quickly, accurately, and uniformly depending on the salary regulations of the enterprise.
  • Allow administrators to decentralize security of employee's salary information.
  • Real-time recording of salary costs, salary reports presented in the form of analytics, pie charts, columns, lines, etc., help users easily capture information, predict trends, and plan resource planning and coordination.
  • Unlimited integration with other apps.

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2. Salary calculation application digiiC&B

Salary software - digiiC&B helps you design the salary system, make payroll, arrange monthly payroll and plan salary budget. Using digiiC&B software helps businesses improve efficiency in payroll and financial management of accounting and human resources departments.

Payroll software

DigiiC&B software supports personnel management, timekeeping and salary calculation

Outstanding features of payroll management software digiiC&B:

  • Offer an automated attendance management system standardized from the attendance machine.
  • Design salary frame system and salary level.
  • Connect with KPIs and performance assessment results.
  • Assist in making payroll cards for employees.

3. HR software Tanca salary

Tanca software integrates 2 functions: human resource management and payroll. This Payroll software brings efficiency by many intelligent online employee management features, while supporting shift division, timekeeping, and salary calculation for businesses. In addition, the software also has the ability to support recruitment, work management and asset management for businesses.

Timekeeping and payroll software

Tanca software integrates both human resource management and payroll functions

Salient features of Tanca HR and payroll management software:

  • Time attendance online via phone and in sync with fingerprint or face attendance machine.
  • Online updated data in sync with the attendance machine.
  • Locations setting within a certain radius.
  • Automated payroll system.
  • Flexible setting and managing shifts and work schedules for businesses.

4. Paradise salary software HRM

The payroll management software Paradise HRM provides the most comprehensive and scientific tools for worker management, timekeeping and salary management. The software is designed to be open, flexible and adaptable to many businesses. Paradise HRM helps the payroll process to be optimized in terms of time, accuracy, and saves a lot of costs in human resource management activities.

Salary software

Paradise HRM software optimizes time for payroll work

Outstanding features of Paradise HRM online payroll software:

  • Manage employee contracts.
  • Monitor the social insurance list on the level of increase and decrease as well as payment.
  • Manage resignation and salary settlement.
  • Process attendance data daily and aggregate all at the end of the month for salary calculation.
  • Export payroll report template to Excel file.

5. Payroll management software FTSHRM

FTSHRM is a salary management software that provides a comprehensive solution, meeting the needs of businesses in salary management, supporting detailed calculation of wages such as hourly salary, overtime salary, salary by product. , salary according to KPI... Moreover, the software also helps users to automatically calculate and deduct HR expenses such as allowances, unpaid leave, salary advance... In addition, FTSHRM also supports human resource management, grading and grading. publicity, recruitment, training, evaluation...

Payroll software

FTSHRM software allows to calculate salary by many formulas

Outstanding features of employee payroll software FTSHRM:

  • Store and manage employee records, pay rise issues, etc. of individuals.
  • Automatically transfer timesheets by shift, overtime, etc.
  • Support creating payroll according to the requirements of each business.
  • Manage personnel records, recruitment process, timesheets, business assets, and training and assessment of personnel.

6. Online payroll software Faceworks

Faceworks salary software is designed on ERP platform. The software has both payroll and business management features. Faceworks supports administrators to build a professional, accurate and fair payroll management system. This payroll application is suitable for many different business models such as: Production, Project, Office Block....

Online payroll software

Faceworks software has a variety of features

Outstanding features of Faceworks employee payroll software:

  • Displayed lists of payrolls for each month.
  • Calculation for overtime pay based on the timesheets.
  • Calculation for fines of late-coming, early-leaving, etc.
  • Automated calculation for payroll tax according to government regulations.
  • Overall management of personnel such as personal information, labor contracts, job evaluation, etc.

7. HR software Dsoft HRM

Payroll management software Dsoft HRM automates the timekeeping and payroll process for employees. This software solves the problems of the accounting department, helping to reduce time and effort, bringing accurate and fast results.

Salary software

Dsoft HRM software automates the payroll process

Outstanding features of Dsoft HRM, time attendance and salary software:

  • Make statistics of employees' working hours accurately and in detail.
  • Manage the information of employees and departments as well as employee transfer.
  • Give complete reports on human resource management and employee policies according to government regulations.
  • Set up flexible salary calculation formulas.

8. Employee Payroll Software FastWork Payroll

Payroll software FastWork Payroll provides an effective payroll solution, helping businesses easily set up payroll and pay slips. In particular, the software supports the management of the number of human resources, revenue and expenditure budget, and KPI of the project's work as a basis for evaluation. Users only need to enter data directly, the software will calculate the correct salary data for you and export the Excel file as a report.

Payroll software

FastWork Payroll allows to export data from many places for payroll

Outstanding features of FastWork Payroll payroll application:

  • Can add or remove data columns, component columns when setting up payslips
  • Decentralize users with roles: Creator, reviewer, salary taker
  • Manage employee's job details for easy salary calculation
  • Help manage budgets and finances effectively
  • Manage the details of the work of personnel and projects to provide timely solutions to remove bottlenecks

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9. Employee Payroll Software Ecount ERP

Personal payroll software Ecount ERP uses cloud computing technology, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to the quick and accurate timekeeping function for employees, this software also has the function of tracking documents, managing costs incurred when importing goods, and tracking costs.

Personal payroll software

Ecount ERP software using cloud computing platform

Outstanding features of payroll software Ecount ERP:

  • Set up income, salary deduction.
  • Automatic salary calculation.
  • Support to check salary payment content through various reports such as salary books, pay slips, updated payroll...
  • Support to send pay slips to each employee via Email from the software.

10. Payroll management software Amis

Payroll software Amis helps businesses solve difficult problems in financial management, updating personnel situation, timekeeping management. In addition, this is also the best payroll software available today when optimizing costs for businesses in calculating personnel salaries.

Payroll software

Amis software solves all difficult financial problems for businesses

Outstanding features of Amis payroll software:

  • Detailed calculation of salary, bonus, and income tax.
  • Integration with attendance machine for saving time and effort.
  • Easy access to employee records for tracking the working process and giving evaluations and rewards.
  • Mobile-viewing real-time reports for managers and online filing tax returns for accountants while working from home.
  • Close connection among departments for easy manage records and documents management.
  • Decrease in manual input time due to quick data import and export.

11. FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about payroll software

11.1 How many types of payroll software are there?

Payroll software is divided into several categories based on the salary calculation method that the business applies. Include:

  • Software to calculate salary by KPI
  • Hourly Payroll Software
  • Software to calculate salary by product
  • Software to calculate salary by job, project stage
  • Shift Payroll Software
  • Software to calculate salary by title

You can read more about the article "3 ways to effectively manage employee salaries, limit errors" to gain more knowledge in effective salary management.

11.2 What are the main functions of employee payroll management?

The key features of a payroll system typically include:

  • Payroll Processing: The system automates the calculation and processing of employee wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions based on various factors such as hours worked, tax regulations, and benefit programs.
  • Tax Management: It helps in accurately calculating and withholding taxes from employee salaries, including income tax, social security contributions, and other applicable taxes. The system may also generate tax forms and reports for compliance purposes.
  • Benefit Administration: The payroll system may integrate with benefits management to handle deductions for employee benefits like healthcare plans, retirement contributions, insurance premiums, and other voluntary deductions.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Some payroll systems offer time and attendance management features to track employee work hours, overtime, leave requests, and absences, which are used to calculate accurate payments.
  • Direct Deposit and Payment Distribution: The system enables electronic fund transfers for direct deposit into employees' bank accounts. It may also support other payment methods such as physical checks or prepaid cards.
  • Payroll Reporting and Analytics: It generates comprehensive reports and analytics related to payroll data, including earnings summaries, tax reports, wage distribution, and labor cost analysis, aiding in financial planning and compliance.
  • Integration with HR and Accounting Systems: Seamless integration with HR and accounting systems allows for accurate exchange of data, eliminating duplication and ensuring consistency across different departments.

11.3 What criteria should be paid attention to when choosing salary software?

When choosing software, the criteria that businesses need to keep in mind are:

  • Full automatic payroll operation, which can be connected to other systems being used in the enterprise such as timekeeping, KPI.
  • Friendly interface, easy to use software.
  • The software has data openness and can be connected with other software or import port to update data from the outside.
  • Ability to customize the flexible salary calculation formula, suitable to the characteristics of each business.
  • Support to set up detailed salary reports for each individual, department and company. Has the feature of automatically updating data information, monitoring salary-related reports.
  • Has the function of decentralizing access, allowing a certain group of objects to view payroll information by authority.

11.4 If you have to choose one of the 10 suggested software above, which one should you choose?

The list of 10 payroll software recommended by Viindoo is for reference only. Enterprises need to consider based on user needs, costs and specific requirements of the company to make a choice. Most of the good, reputable software will charge a fee when used. Therefore, many businesses make the choice to use free software. However, free payroll software is only suitable for small businesses, and also has poor security, causing a high risk of business information leakage.

Currently, Viindoo Payroll software allows users to experience 15 days for free before making a decision. So you can try to use it to feel the great features that the software brings. In addition, Viindoo has also helped you to summarize the summary information of 10 popular salary management software for reference and easy comparison:

Export data to ExcelSupport statistics of time in and out, late, overtime, holidays, etc.
Viindoo Payroll



Paradise HRM



Dsoft HRM


Ecount ERP


So above are the TOP 10 best business support payroll software that Viindoo would like to recommend to you. If you still have any other questions during the software product experience, please contact us via hotline 02257309838 for advice!

10 best payroll software and personnel management software
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Van Anh Nguyen November 9, 2022

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