10 best payroll software to support salary calculation and salary management

Payroll software provides automatic employee payroll timekeeping features, exports payroll to Excel files and supports effective personnel salary management.

Previously, timekeeping and payroll for personnel consumed a lot of time and resources of the C&B department. Not to mention, in the process of manual calculation, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, payroll software is considered a great solution for businesses in the current 4.0 technology era. Automatic employee salary calculation software, allowing export of timesheet data to calculate worker salaries quickly and accurately, saving maximum time. Let's join Viindoo to learn in detail the benefits that human resources software and payroll management brings and immediately refer to the TOP 10 most trusted payroll applications today.

What is the main function of payroll software?

Payroll software is an effective support tool for the human resources and C&D administrative departments to handle timekeeping operations, payroll management and salary payments to employees. Specifically, the software provides automatic salary calculation features based on the formula set by the business, retrieves data from timesheets to calculate and prepare detailed payroll, and calculates deductions and allowances. grants, allowances, bonuses, sending salary slips to employees...

  • Attendance tracking: Some payroll systems offer time and attendance management features to track employee work hours, overtime, vacation requests, and absences.
  • Payroll processing and calculation: The software automatically calculates and processes employee salaries, bonuses, and deductions based on various factors such as hours worked, tax regulations, and benefit programs. profit.
  • Tax management: The application accurately calculates and deducts taxes from employee salaries, including income tax, social security contributions and other applicable taxes. The system can also generate tax forms and reports.
  • Benefits management: Phần mềm tính lương can integrate with benefits management systems to handle employee benefits such as health, retirement contributions, insurance premiums, and other voluntary deductions.
  • Direct deposit and payment distribution: The software allows connection with banks to transfer money directly to employee bank accounts or support other payroll payment methods.
  • Payroll Reporting and Analysis: The application generates comprehensive reports and analysis related to payroll data, including earnings summary, tax reporting, salary distribution, and labor cost analysis , supporting business financial planning.
  • Integration with HR and accounting systems: Seamless integration with HR systems and accounting software enables accurate data exchange, eliminates duplication and ensures consistency between different departments.
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Main functions of payroll software

Benefits received when using human resources and salary management software

  • Optimize operating costs: Limit hidden costs such as loss of salary funds due to incorrect payments, incorrect compensation plans, idle resource costs for repetitive tasks...
  • Save time processing work for the C&B department: Payroll calculation operations are automated, ensuring high accuracy. Therefore, C&D department employees will no longer waste too much time manually calculating salaries, comparing, confirming individual payrolls and then editing.
  • Minimize errors in payroll tasks: Data is automatically retrieved from timekeeping software, performance management tools and employee work processes, ensuring uniformity and accuracy. Besides, salary calculation formulas are also pre-set for data processing applications, producing detailed salary tables.
  • Monitor and visualize employee salary costs: The software supports comprehensive employee salary management , is a place to store and synthesize the entire payroll. Therefore, managers can easily track employee salary costs by month, quarter, year...
  • Employees view and manage personal payroll easily: Tool to support employees in proactively managing personal salary, easily search, look up and complain about information related to salary timesheets if needed see a problem.

TOP 10 best online salary calculation and salary management software

Below is a detailed review of the 10 best payroll software today that we would like to recommend to you:

Viindoo Payroll employee payroll software

Viindoo Payroll is online salary calculation software developed by Viindoo Joint Stock Company. The application is part of a set of human resources management software solutions for timekeeping and payroll, easily combined with other modules and tools to automatically synthesize and retrieve data on working hours, overtime, and late hours. , number of days off, absence... as a basis for preparing payroll for employees, helping to pay salaries accurately and quickly. Besides, the software also allows setting up flexible and diverse salary calculation structures according to each business's needs.

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Viindoo Payroll software automates payroll and personnel management

Outstanding features of Viindoo Payroll salary software:

  • Automate salary calculation and monthly salary recording in just a few steps, ensuring accuracy to send to payroll officers.
  • Salary calculation structure is diverse and flexible, structures and rules can be added or changed quickly, accurately and consistently depending on the enterprise's salary regulations.
  • Allows administrators to delegate authority to secure employee salary information.
  • Recording salary costs in real time, salary reports are presented in the form of analysis, pie charts, columns, lines... helping users easily grasp information, predict fluctuating trends, and prepare planning and coordinating resources.
  • Unlimited integration with other applications.

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DigiiC&B payroll human resource management software

DigiiC&B salary calculation software can support businesses in designing salary systems, preparing monthly payroll and planning periodic salary funds. Thanks to this software, many businesses have improved efficiency in payroll calculation and financial management of the C&B department. The outstanding advantage of the software is its close connection with other applications in the same system. Such as human resource profile software, organizational structure, timekeeping, human resource KPI evaluation...

Phần mềm tính lương

DigiiC&B software supports timekeeping and salary calculation for employees

Outstanding features of digiiC&B payroll management software:

  • Provides an automated, standardized timekeeping management system from the timekeeper.
  • Design the salary framework and salary level system.
  • Connect with KPIs and performance appraisal results to calculate compensation.
  • Support making salary cards for employees.
  • Automatic salary reports and payroll.

The disadvantage of this software is that the cost is not transparent. If you want to know details about service packages and utilities, you need to contact the publisher directly.

Tanca payroll automation software

Tanca has 2 versions: Online & Offline payroll software for businesses to use. This software allows automatic creation of smart payroll, management of shift division, timekeeping and salary increase process for personnel. The interface of Tanca salary management software is quite friendly and simple to operate. In particular, the software provides a free trial for a certain period of time so businesses can try it out.

Outstanding features of Tanca Phần mềm lương :

  • Manage shifts, work schedules and timekeeping for businesses.
  • Set up salary calculation formula, automate the personal salary calculation process for employees.
  • Manage the salary system and salary increase level of each employee
  • Ability to calculate salary by day, update salary slip right on mobile device

Although it has many outstanding features, Tanca payroll software only provides the best support for small and medium-sized businesses. Some quantitative features are limited, meeting business processing at a fairly basic level.

Paradise HRM free time and payroll software

Paradise HRM is human resources and payroll management software that provides tools for worker management, timekeeping management, and salary calculation in a comprehensive and scientific way. The software is designed to be open and can be flexibly adjusted to suit many businesses. Paradise HRM helps the payroll process to be optimized in terms of time, the salary calculation formula is automatically set up to ensure accuracy, saving a lot of costs in the operations of the C&B department.

Phần mềm quản lý nhân sự tiền lương

Paradise HRM software optimizes time for payroll work

Outstanding features of Paradise HRM payroll software:

  • Salary calculation formula is diverse, can calculate fixed salary, salary by product, salary by time...
  • Customize salary calculation formula for each individual based on contract information, salary increase and decrease policies and social insurance payment levels
  • Manage employee leave and salary settlement.
  • Automatically process daily timekeeping data and summarize month-end salary calculations
  • Export payroll report template to Excel file.

Because it is free software, Paradise HRM payroll software will also have limited features. Therefore, you may consider contacting the supplier to receive a detailed quote.

FTSHRM salary management software

FTSHRM is human resources and salary management software that provides comprehensive solutions, solving difficulties in human resource salary management for many businesses. The application supports detailed calculations of salary types such as hourly salary, overtime salary, product salary, KPI salary... Furthermore, the software also helps users automatically reduce personnel expenses such as: allowances, unpaid leave, salary advances... Ensure salary calculation is accurate and simpler.

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FTSHRM software allows to calculate salary by many formulas

Outstanding features of FTSHRM payroll software:

  • Store and manage employee records, issues such as salary increases, benefits, and annual leave management for each employee.
  • Automatically transfer timekeeping data by shift, overtime... to calculate salary automatically
  • Support creating payroll according to each business's requirements.
  • Allows declaration and calculation of allowances, deductions for insurance and personal income tax in the process of paying employee salaries.
  • Integrates with timekeeping modules, employee records, asset management, recruitment, training and employee evaluation.

The disadvantage of FTSHRM payroll software is that the cost is relatively high if you want to fully use the software's features, and is not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ecount ERP online payroll software

Ecount ERP payroll application uses cloud computing technology, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to the function of quickly and accurately timekeeping employees, this software also has the function of tracking documents, managing incurred costs, and managing personnel salaries. The strength of Ecount ERP is to support effective salary management and distribute online salary slips to employees.

Phần mềm tính lương nhân viên

Ecount ERP software using cloud computing platform

Outstanding features of Ecount ERP salary management software:

  • Set up income and salary deductions.
  • Automatic salary calculation.
  • Support checking salary payment content through various types of reports such as salary books, salary slips, updated payroll...
  • Support sending salary slips to each employee via Email from the software.

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CorePayroll online salary calculation application

CorePayroll employee payroll software is part of the CoreHRM ecosystem and has the ability to extract salary spreadsheet data, make salary spreadsheets, and send personal income to each employee. In particular, managers can set a password for each paycheck, ensuring high security. However, CorePayroll possesses other basic features, so it only meets the personnel management and payroll needs of small businesses. If you want to perform more complex salary and bonus calculations, you should choose another application.

Outstanding features of CorePayroll payroll software:

  • Automatically calculate worker and employee salaries based on number of products, sales, performance bonuses, etc.
  • Allows you to create your own salary calculation formula based on the salary framework, parameters, and salary regulations of the business
  • Set up benefits, salary deductions, insurance payments, personal income tax, etc.
  • Automatically retrieve evaluation data from Excel spreadsheets to process employee salaries quickly and easily.
  • Provides features related to reporting, payroll statistics, etc. to help businesses control the overall situation.

The biggest disadvantage of CorePayroll worker payroll software is that some of its features are primitive and not yet in-depth.

FastWork Payroll online payroll software

Payroll timekeeping software - FastWork Payroll provides an effective salary calculation and personnel salary management solution, helping businesses easily set up payroll and pay slips. Furthermore, the software also supports managing the number of human resources, revenue and expenditure budget, and project KPIs as a basis for calculating salaries and bonuses. Businesses only need to enter data directly into the software, the tool will calculate accurate salary figures on your behalf and export salary report files using Excel.

FastWork Payroll allows to export data from many places for payroll

Outstanding features of FastWork Payroll payroll software:

  • You can add or remove data columns and component columns when setting up a salary slip
  • Decentralize user rights with roles: Creator, reviewer, salary recipient
  • Manage employee work details for easy salary calculation
  • Helps manage budget and finances effectively
  • Manage detailed work of personnel and projects to provide timely solutions to remove bottlenecks

The disadvantage of FastWork Payroll software lies in the user-friendly interface and design. Besides, the application is only available in Vietnamese and cannot be used for multinational businesses.

Dsoft HRM payroll human resources software

Dsoft HRM is automatic worker salary calculation software, helping businesses reduce time and effort in salary management and calculation. With the advantages of a friendly interface and flexible integration capabilities, the software is quickly trusted by many businesses to solve problems of the accounting and C&B departments. Not only does it support payroll calculation and salary management, Dsoft HRM also provides effective human resource management and financial management features for businesses.

Phần mềm tính lương công nhân

Dsoft HRM software automates the payroll timekeeping process

Outstanding features of Dsoft HRM payroll human resources management software:

  • Statistics of employees' working hours accurately and in detail.
  • Manage employee, department, and department information and track employee transfers.
  • Provide complete reports on human resource management, monitor employee policies and report fully according to state regulations.
  • Set up a variety of salary calculation formulas.

Amis automatic salary management software

Amis payroll timekeeping software developed by Misa Group supports businesses in solving difficult problems in financial management, updating human resource status, and managing payroll and timekeeping. In addition, the software fully satisfies payroll operations and personnel salary management from simple to complex. Amis's advantages are that it is highly accurate in data, reliable in security and compatible with many types of accounting software.

ứng dụng tính lương

Amis software solves all difficult financial problems for businesses

Outstanding features of Amis payroll software:

  • Calculate in detail each element of salary, bonus, and income tax.
  • Integrating with timekeeping machines helps save time and effort.
  • You can look up employee records anytime, anywhere, easily grasp the work process, and evaluate and reward.
  • Directors can view real-time reports on their phones, and accountants can declare taxes online while working from home.
  • Close connection between departments makes it easy to manage records and documents.
  • Reduce manual input time thanks to quick data import and export features.

Criteria for evaluating and selecting appropriate payroll software

When choosing salary management software, businesses need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Payroll calculation is automatic, complete, and can be connected to other systems being used in the business such as timekeeping and KPI.
  • Friendly interface, simple operation, easy to use.
  • The software has open data and can connect with other software or input ports to update data from outside.
  • Ability to customize salary calculation formula flexibly, suitable to the characteristics of each business.
  • Support setting up detailed salary reports for each individual, department and company. Has the feature of automatically updating data information and tracking salary-related reports.
  • Has the function of decentralizing access, allowing a certain group of subjects to view payroll information according to authority.
  • Reputable software provider with enthusiastic consulting and support team
  • The cost of using the software is reasonable with the investment budget, you can register for free or pay for a few months to test.

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So, above are the TOP 10 best payroll software to support businesses in calculating salaries and managing human resources salaries that Viindoo would like to introduce to you. If your business still has any other questions during the software product experience, please contact us via hotline 02257309838 to receive advice!

10 best payroll software to support salary calculation and salary management
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Van Anh Nguyen February 25, 2024