Viindoo Dashboard Software - Centralized Dashboard

Organize and intuitively show important information in the same interface. Centralized data and instant update.  


Capture all information with Viindoo Dashboard 

In order to improve working efficiency, Viindoo Dashboard provides a private space for users to actively view all of their information immediately according to personalized principles.

 Select frequently-viewed reports via a single “Dashboard” - instead of accessing every menu.

 Useful for the leaders as all the essential information is gathered in the report, data analysis.

 Various reports in one interface gives an overall and multi-dimensional picture of the business resources.

Key Features of Viindoo Dashboard

Centralized design

All information is on a single page, Viindoo Dashboard is designed so that viewers can quickly track, analyze the data and identify the necessary information.

Access Data from various sources

With simple action, data from any module (or application) such as Accounting, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Project Management, etc.can be aggregated, generated  with reports and tracked at Viindoo Dashboard.

Overview-of-Viindoo-Dashboards Overview of Viindoo Dashboard



You can edit, select metrics, data, how these metrics show and update information in this Dashboard. 

Visualized display

Information is shown in multiple perspectives with data-visualized charts: 

  • Kanban view

  • List view

  • Calendar view

  • Pivot table

  • Graph view

  • Activity view

  • Gantt chart

Visualized display of Viindoo Dashboard

Instant update

Combined with the dynamic reporting system, Viindoo Dashboard is constantly updated with real-time data to help you easily track work progress, predict trends and respond promptly to unusual problems.


Only by connecting the internet, you can completely access the Viindoo Dashboard to track information anywhere, anytime with mobile devices.
Vindoo Dashboard is instantly updated

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Collect data from sales orders, invoices, inventory and payments for automatic reports.

Viindoo Sales  


Create a statistic for the order quantity, prices and invoices of each purchase order.

Viindoo CRM 


Create a dynamic, multi-source finance report and the entries can be traced easily.



Display the report in various ways: pivot table, pie chart, column chart, etc...

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