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  Overtime plan: Request - Appproval - Record

 Automatically integrate with Payroll.

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Overtime Planning

  • Set overtime plans according to requests from managers and team members.

  • Aggregate the entire information of overtime request, approval process and interaction history by many criteria: time frame, overtime hours, employee, departments, projects, etc. help managers to monitor the state and incurred overtime pay. 

  • Quickly set overtime plans for the entire team or department for several days with the Mass Schedule feature. 

Viindoo Overtime requests
  • Provide all related information such as employee, time, reason, related project, etc. in Overtime request view, helping managers to approve or refuse requests, reduce reporting and explaining tasks

  • Show every interaction between managers and employees right on Overtime request.

Approve overtime request

Record and Compute Overtime pay

Automatically compute overtime hours

Automatically compute overtime hours as planned or actual overtime hours in Timesheets or Attendances.

Calculate Overtime pay 

Link overtime data with Payroll application, combine with overtime rules to calculate overtime pay based on payroll rules. Make sure of accurate and consistent data throughout the system. 

Check Overtime information

Check overtime information of individual or team adhering to granted access rights to proactively manage tasks.

Overtime Pay Data

Overtime pay data is one of the factors supporting managers to make decisions in human resources management (salary, recruitment, etc.)

Automatically compute overtime pay

Overtime Analysis

  • Automatically aggregate data in Reports, helping to compare the planned pay and the actual pay. Analyze overtime history to adjust manufacturing and business plans.

  • Intuitive reports in Calendar view, dynamic Pivot table, or bar/ pie chart helps to show data coherently.

Fully Integrated with other Viindoo Applications



Manage payroll structure and automatically calculate payroll.



Manage employees’ documents, contracts.



Automatically compute actual overtime hours in Timesheets.

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