Viindoo Events: All-in-one Event Management Platform

Viindoo Event allows to do all the work of a professional Event Manager on a single platform: planning, scheduling, organizing to promoting, selling tickets, etc.




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Key features of  Viindoo Events

Organize Scheduled Events

  • Allow to manage the entire schedule, venue, organizer as well as attendees of the Event.

  • Plan and manage event stages simply with drag & drop on the Kanban interface.

  • Integrate Event and Project Management Application:  link events with each specific project to manage planning process, assign tasks to all stages of event organization and track working time right on each task. All of these help control the entire progress of the event.

Viindoo Events is An All-In-One Tool for Event Management

Publish and Promote Event

Publish event - Viindoo Events

  • Automatically display event agenda with a clean and minimalist design.

  • Allows users to easily access website to view published event agenda.

  • Support with filters to easily search by date, location, speaker.

Event Tracking with Kanban Interface - Viindoo Events

  • Design and publish information to help promote events right on the Website application.

  • A few clicks with drag & drop can easily set up event pages with pre-made blocks, images, call-to-action buttons, links and more.

Sell Event tickets and Offer Online payments

  • Easily designate a free or ticket required event.

  • Set up various booking options and online payment methods on each event as required.

Sell Event tickets - Viindoo Events

Event Register Page - Viindoo Events

Manage Event Guests

  • Create groups/invite participants, allow registration limits to control the minimum/maximum number of attendees.

  • Integrate with Email Marketing Application, SMS Marketing Application to pre-set email/message templates, event-related notifications such as confirm registration, reminder, thank you letter, feedback survey,... sent automatically to attendees.

Manage and look for Event Sponsors

Announce Sponsors of events in a hierarchy based on sponsorship amount. You can also sell event sponsorship packages through eCommerce application.

Gold Sponsors - Viindoo Events
Silver sponsors - Viindoo Events
Bronze sponsors - Viindoo Events

Sync Google Analytics and SEO

Google Analytics

Automated integration with Google Analytics: Make it easy to track any Events indexes: visits, online shopping carts, payments, calls to action,... and get an overview of your business.


Built-in SEO tools: Get keyword suggestions based on the most searched terms on Google, allow you to build your content and improve SEO to promote your events.

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