Viindoo Helpdesk Application

Manages and resolves support requests of customers and internal employees

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Optimize every operation process  

Receive, solve multi-channel support requests  

Improve customer experience


Automatically consolidate, build up statistical report

Optimize operation process

 Gather all support requests of customers, departments/divisions into only one app.
Categorize, priotize and send support request to the right support team, right person in charge.
 Follow upticket  status and resolving duration of each support member by integration with Timesheet when the support request linked to a specific Project .
Update support policies and ensure customers are supported in accordance with the policy, stipulated scope and timeline by setting Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Allow customers to proactively track their request progress in the portal without contacting any support staff. This helps improve customer experience.


Receive, resolve multi-channel support requests

Unlimited integration enables users actively create and send support requests from different apps

Website integration

Send support requests using the website form without logging in.

Sales integration

Create tickets from sales orders and track the progress in real-time.

CRM integration

Navigate to support teams from lead/opportunity form view or convert a lead/opportunity into a tickets.

Livechat integration

Enable ticket creation right on the Livechat box included relevant customers.


Improve customer experience and service quality

 Enable email automation about ticket status when the stage changed. Allow customers to rate and feedback after request tickets are solved.

 Provide the basis for managers to evaluate subordinate's performance. 

 Increase customer loyalty by significant improvement ofsupport requests thanks tomethodical, scientific and fast management.

Improve customer experience - Viindoo Helpdesk

Multi-criteria support request reports

Synthesis support requests in multiple criterias (stage, assigning durations, resolving duration, etc.), instantly shown in visual charts. 

 Provide an overview for manager to capture the volume of support requests, follow the processing status, and assign the person in charge.

 Collect information and statistics figures to improve service quality on every customers' touch point.


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Manage quotations, orders. Build up pricing policy, promotion programs, offers, etc. for different customer types.

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Manage all customer data. Optimize Customer Service.  Close more deals in less time.
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Build your own website with professional, customized functions, and friendly SEO tools. 

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