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Viindoo Inventory management software improves the efficiency of inventory & supply chain management, and intensifies competitiveness of enterprises.

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Viindoo Inventory

Optimize costs & resources, enhance supply efficiency

Real-time Inventory

Automatically update inventory
as soon as a stock move is confirmed.

No-excess Supply

Understand which, when, and how many items are needed to replenish.

Improve the cash conversion cycle

Adjust the inventory cycle to improve inventory investment turnover

Key Features of Viindoo Inventory Management Systems

Control import and export inventory & support sufficient and timely supply

Stock Management

 All product information in one interface: detailed parameters, on-hand & forecast quantity, location & putaway rules, etc.

 Sort products in category, product code, lot & serial number, size, etc. by easy-to-custom filters and groups.

 Control product lifetime & stock age. Alarm the ideal time for stock removal.

 Manage multiple units, and convert units of measure following users' demands.

Stock Management
Track every stock moves

Track every stock move  with inventory tracking system   

Combination of the two methods Lavoisier & Double-Entry Bookkeeping. All stock moves are recorded with source & destination location, quantity details, conversation history, transaction time, the person in charge, etc, which effectively supports the statistics, analyzing, tracing product origin in the warehouse.

"Nothing lost, everything changed" - Antoine Lavoisier

In Viindoo Inventory management software, there's no disappearance, consumption, or loss of products, instead, stocks move from one location to another.

Optimize Inventory Operations

ioT Integration helps reduce process time. Digitized documents, avoiding mistakes with inventory management systems. Standardized processes with automated rules.

Automatic Receipts

Automatically process from input area quality control area  storage location in the warehouse.

Putaway Rules

Suggest the most suitable location according to the stock characters, removal strategy, etc. 

Internal Transfers

Gather demand and calculate reasonable order quantity to save cost, time and shorten waiting time.

Automatic Deliveries

Automatically process with multiple-step of deliveries: Pick-Pack-Ship.

Removal Strategy

FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out), FEFO (first expiration first out).

Dropship & Cross-dock

Automatic deliveries with logistics methods like: Drop-ship  and Cross-dock.

Multiple warehouses on a single platform

  • Manage all the warehouses, locations with hierarchical structure.
  • Consolidate data, manage & report instantly, accurately.
  • Automatically propose internal transfers, ensuring quick and timely delivery of stock. 

Comprehensive supply chain connection

Reduce Waiting Time. Enhance Efficiency of Human Resources. Effective cash conversion turnover

Supply Planning
Support to determine key products, choose suppliers, ideal qty and time to replenish.
Suppliers Management
Transparent information about suppliers, bids, safe ordering time, purchasing notes.
Inventory valuation
Multiple costing methods. Record and allocate landed costs by many custom rules.
Supply chain management in Viindoo Inventory
Automatic replenishment
Activate reordering request following reordering rules to fulfill the stock demands
Sales Support
Real time  inventory data, expiration date, key products for sales strategy, inventory release.
Multiple logistics methods
Drop-ship, cross-dock, multi-warehouse transfers with automatic rules, routes.

Replenishment Strategy

Be more active, ensure just-in-time replenishment.

  Set rules to activate replenishment requests:

  • Make-to-order
  • Make-to-stock

 Automate replenishment process in multiple methods: Manufacture or outsource, moving goods between warehouses, or buy from supplier.

Replenishment Strategy

Automated Inventory Accounting in Viindoo Inventory

Automated Inventory Accounting

Support multiple inventory valuation methods: Standard Price, FIFO, Average cost.

Gather all receiving costs (landed cost), automatically create allocation journals to adjust receiving notes. 

Real-time, multi-dimensional analysis and reporting system

Eliminate mistakes due to questionable information. Support accurate, timely and active decision making.
All report forms complies with Vietnamese Accounting System.


 Inventory performance report

 Inventory Input-Output Report

 Inventory Forecast Report

 Inventory Valuation Report

 Stock Age Report


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