Viindoo Furniture ERP Software 

Grow your business with a scalable and feature-rich Viindoo Furniture ERP Software.

For furniture manufacturers: small-scale artisans, mid-sized workshops, and large-scale factories.

Designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling furniture products.

Viindoo Modern ERP software for Furniture Manufacturers

Modern ERP software for Furniture Manufacturers

Viindoo ERP for furniture manufacturing is tailored to assist wood, furniture and home goods manufacturing enterprises in overseeing the complete production process based on orders and warehouse operations. 

Besides, Viindoo ERP for furniture industry seamlessly integrates with operational and sales functions to ensure comprehensive management capabilities for business.

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Control your production based on data

Track your furniture production and ensure orders are fulfilled on schedule with our Manufacturing Forecasted Report.

Viindoo Manufacturing Forecasted Report

Fully manage every aspect of the furniture industry

Run your supply chain smoothly and get your furniture to distributors and consumers faster with Viindoo ERP for furniture manufacturing

Manage inventory of materials: types of wood, semi-finished products, metal, glass, plastic, fabric/leather accessories and other materials.

Track lots and serial numbers of raw materials put into production and finished-goods released for distribution.

Multiple UoM and easy conversion from production to sales: pieces, sets, panels, square meters, kg, and cubic meters, etc.

Production Planning and Scheduling based on material availability, lead times and resource allocation. Track production progress in real-time.

Define, track and manage quality checkpoints throughout production.

Subcontractor: whether it's polishing, varnishing or finishing production... Easily manage the supply of raw materials to subcontractors and outsourcing workshops.

Manage BoM cost, Product cost, record production cost throughout the entire production process, ready for analysis and allocation.

Employees, Attendance, Payroll Calculation: Payroll automation. Keep track multiple work shifts, multiple payroll calculation formula, etc,

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Suitable for Shop Floor

Grasp all activities at the workshop at your fingertips. A single screen shows inventory location, employee tasks, and real-time status and next steps for each work order.

Viindoo Furniture ERP Software 

A modern software for wood and furniture manufacturers that simplifies your furniture manufacturing process and improve sales performance.

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Manage all your warehouses

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Deal with your Supplier

Viindoo Point of Sa;e

Point of sale

In-store, payment, billing

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Grow sales. Manage sales team

Viindoo Manufacturing


Planning & Scheduling, Report


Manage employee, salary

Viindoo Accounting

Accounting & Finance

General Accounting, Costing

Viindoo PLM


Product lifecycle management

Viindoo Ecommerce


Sell more with online store

Viindoo CRM


Customers Relationship Mgt


Manage product quality 

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Real-time automated reports

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From Factory to your Storefront

Viindoo ERP software for furniture industry connects seamlessly with your store and e-commerce platform.

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FAQs about Wood Manufacturing Software

What specific features does woodworking ERP software offer?

Woodworking ERP software typically offers features such as materials management, batch and lot tracking, yield management, product customization, production planning and scheduling, quality control, supply chain management, cost management, integration with design software, customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence and analytics, and more.

Viindoo ERP for Funiture Industrial charges according to the actual number of monthly users, allowed access to all applications. Checkout here: Viindoo Pricing


Viindoo software provides Viindoo Customizer app to help businesses adjust and design applications to suit their management needs.

Besides, the software is built according to a modular structure, easily expanding applications according to specific needs without having to rebuild the ERP system from scratch. We also provide customization services so businesses can choose to develop additional features as required.

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