Odoo Upgrade Service

The Odoo data migration and upgrade service is ideal for businesses currently utilizing older versions of Odoo, seeking to transition to the latest version.

Why Odoo upgrade?

 Access to New Features
 Performance Improvements
Compatibility with third-party modules
Technical debt*

* During upgrades, Viindoo reviews custom features to assess their necessity. If possible, built-in alternatives are considered to reduce technical debt.

Odoo Upgrade Process

Whether you opt for the Odoo Community or the Odoo Enterprise edition, our dedicated team of Odoo specialists will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire migration process. From initial planning to implementation and successful completion, we ensure that you receive expert assistance every step of the way.


Module Upgrade

Data Migration



Our Pricing

Transparent pricing for all.

Upgrade Custom Code Fee

$ 500 .00

/ 1000 lines of code*
  • 50% discount will be applied starting from the second version onwards.

Data Migrate Fee

Min. $ 1460 .00 

/ database*
  • 50% discount will be applied starting from the second version onwards.

For example, upgrading from version 14 to version 16 with 1000 lines of code, the cost would be calculated as follows: Total cost = (1000 * 500) + (1000 * 500 / 2)

Viindoo - Odoo Upgrade Service

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Viindoo - Odoo Upgrade Service


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to upgrade Odoo?

The upgrade time is determined by the amount of data to be moved, the version of Odoo you are running, the level of customization in your instance, and the modules to be migrated.

Contact us for further details.

Of course. We offer excellent Odoo upgrade services and have successfully upgraded from Odoo 8 to Odoo 16, Odoo 10 to Odoo 16, etc. This process includes two steps: code upgrade and data migration.

Reference price details here.