Viindoo Live Chat - Effective tool to connect your customers

Available on both web browsers and mobile applications: Easy configuration, instant engagement.

Optimize customer service, boost online sales: Leverage website visitors to convert them into customers. 


Timely interact with your website visitors

Engage via chatbox either on front-end or back-end view,  whenever you are in the Viindoo system.

Instantly get online chat notifications.

Quickly respond to visitors while multitasking.

Proactively reach and start chat sessions with website visitors.

Set canned responses of frequent queries. Type faster, and timely reply to customers’ concern.

Work collaboratively, add attendees flexibly to ensure timely right supporter.

Easily create leads, tickets, check visitors’ history, etc. All tasks right in the chat box.


Personalize, improve customer experience

Attract and welcome visitors accessing your website.

 Set up method and timing of chat box pop-up.
 Design and customize automatic interaction content, color of chatbox.
 Configure welcome messages in different languages.


Viindoo Live Chat

Do not miss any message, get notification right on mobile devices.

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Collect feedback, evaluate customer satisfaction

Improve customer service quality based on rating features.
  Allow customers to rate the online conversation.
Collect and analyze results to get insight of customer satisfaction.


Easily integrate without chat server

 Integrate Live Chat feature on your website with an available widget.
 Send live chat urls to customers/ suppliers to get supported and quick responses.

Visitors statistics and reports by many criteria

 Keep track of website traffic, website  visitors  visits in real time
 Monitor session history to improve service quality.
 Analyze, create reports with many criteria: average response time, average duration, etc. optimize customer care efficiency, utilize website visitors potential, and boost online sales.

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Connect to your customer on website, trace any potential visitor.



Connect to your community. No entrance fee - No new user limitation.



Connect to any visitor that pay attention to your online and offline event.



Attract more and more potential customers with a perfect content marketing campaign.

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Unlimited Functions

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Flexible Scalability

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Optimized Expense

Reasonable cost for all types of budget.

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