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Increase website traffic 

  • Take advantage of the crowd-sourced content that are helpful, relevant, constantly updated. 

  • Improve SEO, increase website rankings on search engine pages.

Perceive, forecast
customers' needs

  • Follow and analyze hottest, most-viewed topics. 

  • Reach, nurture online customers: Discuss products, tutorials, etc. with customers on forums.

Unlimited sharing
and integration

  • Easily share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. at a click.

  • Integrate with Google Analytics, keep track of all content performances.

Enjoyable forum experience with Viindoo Forum

Bring communities together

 Post on any topic or discuss, comment on existing topics.

 Actively follow topics of interest. Reply/comment with other forum members.

 Easily discuss with customers on forums, enhancing connections.

 Receive email notifications from any interactions. Easily reply directly from personal mailbox.

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Stay connected with audiences by rich, relevant content

 Visualize posts and answers with tools to insert photos, videos, tables, links, etc.

 Validate posts, reduce spam: Karma points system (forum member points) regulates rights to post/ edit comments, answers of each member level. Moderators easily edit inappropriate answers, marking best answers.

 Sort relevant content with Search bar and Tags.

Viindoo Forum helps to maintain rich, relevant contents

Keep conversations going with Karma points

 Automatic rewards for active members' contributions. Higher Karma points correspond to higher authority in forums.

 Grant badges, ranks to members with highly-engaged posts.

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