Viindoo Social Marketing - Powerful data center

Centralize customer data from all social channels in only one single platform. 


Key Features of Viindoo Social Marketing

Manage social pages in one center  

  • Integrate all social accounts of your company from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Grant access to multiple pages  in just one place, enabling your employees to view, edit and manage a number of social media without switching between platforms.



Create content in configurable approval rules and a full audit trail   

  • Simultaneously Schedule/ Post/ Cancel posts in multiple media.
  • Control content quality through strict approval rules, corresponding with specific levels of access rights.

  • Assign tasks, schedule activities, and coordinate on one single interface.

  • Track all changes and activities right on every post, and never miss any information while collaborating 

Organize all posts on social media

  • Oversee all articles, and posts from diverse platforms. Quickly filter and group posts with varied available criteria.
  • Visualize Data from social media channels in Kanban view, List view, and Pivot table.


      From Visitors to Leads

      Acquire new customers in one click with social lead generation.

      Concentrate data in a single platform instead of collecting manually from different social channels.

      Optimize Engagements

      Instantly respond to audiences on every post: Like, Comment, Message from multiple sources.

      Track social engagements (likes, comments, shares, reaches) of each post.

      Viindoo Social Marketing centralizes data from all social channels

      Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



      Create leads while interacting, messaging with customers on social networks.

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      Manage emails, conversations and tasks in one integrated application. 

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