Viindoo Omnichannel Management Software

  • Integrate all sales processes, from building sales channels, customer management to inventory management; 

  • Provide the big picture with all-inclusive and detailed report system. 

Viindoo Omnichannel - Efficient Solution for Multi-channel Sales

Challenges in Omnichannel Sales


Scattered resources to manage different retail channels;

Out-of-sync customer data leading to interrupted buying experience, affecting purchase decisions and sales;

Broken supply chain due to unsynchronized data in sales and inventory;

Each sales channel has different policies on transactions, payments and debt settlement, causing difficulties in management;

Lack of connection to accounting and financial management systems. Business cannot see the big picture of costs and revenue.

Viindoo Omnichannel - Connects Multi-channel for Efficient Sales

Overview of Omnichannel Sales - Viindoo

Multi-channel Sales with Viindoo Omnichannel

Whether it is an online or offline sales channel, Viindoo Omnichannel is an effective tool for businesses.


Point of Sales

Viindoo POS allows businesses to manage retail points, sales sessions, policies, warehouses, etc. comprehensively with simple operation and strict administration. Sales reports are generated automatically, instantly and intuitively.


Sales on Social Media

Viindoo Social Marketing - a comprehensive application, helps businesses manage and communicate with customers from many different fan-pages. From automated opportunity generation to article management, everything is optimized.



You can build, optimize and increase sales of eCommerce websites with just a few simple steps with Viindoo Ecommerce. The application is fully integrated with payment gateways and shipping units, which is an indispensable part for customer experience.

Viindoo Omnichannel - One platform to manage them all

One single app to connect everything

Viindoo Sales connects customer data management platform, products, inventory, employees, etc., and brings the most inclusive insights about business' omnichannel retail activities.

A single set of customer data
Reduce duplication in the system with unified order details and purchase history. Sales planning and resource allocation just got a whole lot easier.

Viindoo Omnichannel - One solution to Manage them all
Synchronous order management

Order progress is updated in real-time, and integrated with the number of products in stock by each channel, thereby reflecting sales efficiency and helping businesses allocate resources appropriately.
Centralized management of prices & policies

Quotation, endowment, sales and shipping will be planned and applied in a clear and reasonable sense, hence there will be no misunderstanding between the channels.

Integration with Finance & Accounting

Viindoo Omnichannel is integrated with Finance & Accounting applications, helping businesses eliminate manual data entry and calculation tasks, thereby optimizing work efficiency.


A big picture for your business

From visualized data and reports, business owners have an overall picture of their costs, revenues, and profits.


Saves on time

Data is entered only once when the transaction is generated, helping to reduce the data entry time.


No more manual actions

Viindoo allows to set up automatic rules for each process, minimizing errors & burden on employees.

Application List for Viindoo Omnichannel Solution

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