Viindoo Omnichannel Solution - Omnichannel Platform

Effective omnichannel software enable more channels, more shoppers, more sales in only one platform, which can optimize and leverage customer experience.

Overall strategy planning

Purchase Management

Manufacturing Management

Inventory Management

Sales Management

Invoicing and Payment Management​

Viindoo Omnichannel brings a lot of benefits to businesses

Viindoo Omnichannel brings a lot of benefits to businesses

Connect multi-channels for efficient sales with Viindoo Omnichannel Software

For business management software, business managers should use omnichannel sales management - Viindoo Omnichannel to optimize management processes and reach more customers.

Overview of Omnichannel Sales - Viindoo

You can connect this software with purchasing management software to create a comprehensive and unified management system.

Viindoo Omnichannel software - a comprehensive omnichannel sales management solution

With Viindoo Omnichannel, your business can reach customers in multiple platforms and manage data in a single application.


Manage all data in a centralized platform 

  • Automatically synchronize and update product information, pricing policy, and stock.
  • Simultaneously post products on multiple platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, etc., thereby saving time, effort and reaching customers more easily. 
  • Chat on multiple platforms, thereby easily managing messages on different e-commerce platforms.

Synchronize across sales channels - Viindoo Omnichannel

Manage all data in a centralized platform 

  • Sales orders, revenue
  • Customers’ information, purchase history 
  • Information of partners and vendors

Automatically calculating and integrating shipping fees into invoices 

  • Accurately calculating shipping costs based on product characteristics such as weight, volume, quantity, etc.
  • Automatically updating shipping costs on invoices if fixed prices do not change.

Viindoo Omnichannel - One solution to Manage them all

Manage pricing, revenue reports, policies by channel

  • Compare business performance across sales channels
  • Manage cash flow, supplier payments
  • View reports anytime, anywhere

Manage pricing, revenue reports, policies by channel

  • Compare business performance across sales channels
  • Manage cash flow, supplier payments
  • View reports anytime, anywhere

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Viindoo Omnichannel Sales Management Software 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Viindoo Omnichannel software is designed to be scalable and can accommodate businesses of different sizes. Its modular and flexible nature allows you to add or remove functionalities as your organization expands or evolves, ensuring that it remains a suitable and efficient sales management solution for your business at any stage of growth.

Viindoo Omnichannel is a part of the Viindoo Business Management Software, easily integrated with Accounting, HRM, Project Management, Manufacturing applications, and more to form a comprehensive ecosystem managing all business operations seamlessly.

Does Viindoo Omnichannel offer mobile accessibility for employees and managers?

Viindoo software is cloud-based, allowing easy access through web browsers on any device. Additionally, Viindoo provides applications for Android and iOS devices, enabling all employees and managers to access and work remotely on their mobile devices.

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