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 Identify, and personalize customers experience.

 Nurture leads, manage sales pipeline, and analyze data via dynamic reports, etc.

 Drive purchase demand and build brand trust.

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Viindoo Marketing -Integrated Marketing Solution

Your Marketing Department needs help!

Your Marketing Department needs help!

Cannot come up with ideas for Marketing Campaign, lack of marketing tools leading to delays. 

Allocating a lot of resources (cost, human resources, etc.) but still not optimizing the efficiency.

Unable to accurately report and evaluate the effectiveness of Marketing due to scattered data, lack of measurement tools.

The traditional way of data management is wasting customer data and potentially leaking.

Viindoo Marketing - Tools to optimize Marketing activities

Execute and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns

Execute and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns

  • Build up content strategy for the right target, at the right time, with right messages.

  • Increase customer touchpoints, providing a seamless and cross-platform experience.

Measure and optimize marketing activities

Measure and optimize marketing activities

  • Accurately identify sources of potential customers - from which channel/ campaign/ content.

  • Form up customers' journey, from which analyze buying trends and behaviors.  

 Store customer data, manage customer care activities

 Store customer data, manage customer care activities

  • Automatically create leads, and store the entire history of customer interactions.

  • Manage sales pipeline, customer segmentation, from which build up automated customer supports scenarios.

  • Keep track of individual/sales team revenue goals. Detailed real-time performance reports.

Visualize Marketing activities with dynamic reporting system

  • Reporting system on multi-dimensional analysis and marketing effectiveness updated in real time.

  • Assess trends, buying habits, customer needs, customer segments visually through trend chart types (Column chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Cohort chart, Pivot chart, etc.)

  • Analyze business opportunities, customer sources, sales channels, sales effectiveness and win/loss ratio, the effectiveness of Marketing, communication, advertising campaigns, etc.

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