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Viindoo Affiliate

 Why choose Viindoo Affiliate?

Viindoo affiliate 15% commission

50% commission

Instantly get up to 50% commission on total successful order value from Affiliate Link.

Viindoo affiliate thorough training

 Thorough training

Extensive, updated library of training materials: user guides, video tutorials, etc.

Viindoo affiliate promotion support

 Promotion support

Diverse media materials (videos, blogs, images...). Support creating your own landing page (contact us).

Viindoo affiliate smart report

Smart Report

Track detailed performance of each Affiliate Link/ campaign/ source, etc. through real-time reports.

Viindoo affiliate transparent process

 Transparent process

All commissions are confirmed and paid through a transparent, easy-to-follow process.

Who should become an Affiliate of Viindoo Affiliate?

Experts in the field of B2B

Marketers; Content creators 

Experts, units specializing in the field of training and education

Experts in ERP

Anyone who wants to make money!


How does Viindoo Affiliate work?

Viindoo Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing program, in which each participant is considered a sales associate (Affiliate).

Affiliate use their own marketing channels and strategies to do marketing and attract visitors to Viindoo's website via Affiliate Links. Thus, Affiliate get commissions for successful orders.

Affiliate register, create and share Affiliate Links

Visitors click and buy products/services from Affiliate Links

Affiliate get paid commission based on sales orders

Viindoo Affiliate

Viindoo - Top Business Management Software

Viindoo is a Business Management Software that powers the sustainable growth of Enterprises.

Viindoo Solution is not limited in ERP and CRM, but also solves other challenges in the era of Digital Transformation such as Customer-Centric, E-Commerce, Omnichannel Marketing & Sales, Social Marketing Integration, etc.

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Anyone can register to become a Affiliate of Viindoo Affiliate, as long as they have computers/ smartphones or smart devices with an Internet connection.

After completing registration for Viindoo Affiliate, Affiliate can directly access Viindoo Affiliate program, create and share Affiliate Links.

How commissions are calculated

Viindoo will consider Affiliate as eligible for commission under these circumstances: 

a. For each Successful Order from the Affiliate Link that the Affiliate introduces, the commission received is calculated as follow:

  • For Viindoo SaaS service: 50% of the order value that customers pay for the first time;
  • For Viindoo Apps: 10% of the total value of app purchase orders at Viindoo Marketplace.
  • For Implementation and Consultancy Service, Training and Technology Transfer Service, Customizing features Service: 5% on the value of the service plan that the customer pays.

b. If an Affiliate wishes to enjoy lifetime commissions for each Viindoo SaaS Service order, they should register to become a Viindoo Partner.

See details at Affiliate Policy.

Affiliate can directly track orders and commissions for orders from Affiliate Link through the Commissions Report right at the management view of the Affiliate's account.

More detail!

On the first day of each month, Viindoo will summarize the commission amount that Affiliates are entitled to from Successful Orders in the preceding month as the basis for payment. Viindoo disburses commission payments to Affiliates regularly on the 15th of each month.

Commission payment conditions:

  • The commission of the Affiliate must reach a minimum threshold of 900,000 VND at the time of the summary mentioned above.
  • In the event that an Affiliate's commission does not meet this threshold, it will be accumulated and paid in the following months.

Affiliate can purchase orders through their own Affiliate Links, and Viindoo still calculates the commission in accordance with the Affiliate Policy.

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