Viindoo ERP for Textile industry 

​Comprehensive textile erp for business from production to end-user.

Ideal solution for multiple types of textile business.

Fiber/Yarn: natural fibers (cotton, silk, etc) & synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, etc).

Fabric: cotton, linen, slik, chiffon, felt, wool, knit, non-woven, etc.

Finishing Textiles: Home textiles (bedding, towels, carpets, etc) & Technical textiles.

All-in-one solution for every aspects of textile industry

Viindoo ERP software connects your business from factories, warehouses, to sales team, back-office, which streamline every activities from production planning & scheduling, warehouse management, accounting and finance, etc.

Variants of Sampling, Proto, Raw Material, Made-up

Control unlimited of item variants: color, size, art, etc in multiple UoM.

Single & Multi-level BoM and costing

Full of BoM from fiber, fabric to finishing products. 

Cover all complex manufacturing process

Warping, sizing, sewing, bleaching, embroidery, dyeing, washing, etc.

In-house factories & Sub-contractors

Keep track of Workers, Factories and Subcontractors in one platform

Demand-Driven Material Planning

Material procurement, production to ensure quantity and quality of finished products.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Material, Capacity, Timeline Planning to ensure orders are fulfilled.

Manufacturing cost & Production cost

Record production cost throughout the entire production process, ready for analysis and allocation.

Employees, Attendance, Payroll Calculation

Payroll automation. Keep track multiple work shifts, multiple payroll calculation formula, etc,

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Transformative technology for textiles manufacturers

Ready to integrate all devices. Always connected anytime, anywhere via IoT connection.

Omnichannel sales

Omnichannel and multi-currecncy commerce.

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Price negotiation, Reseller, Affiliate Management, Commission by levels, etc. 

textile pos software

In store

Order management, Payment, Billing, Cash control, Cashier etc..

textile social marketing software

Social Platform

Integrate Social Platforms into management software.

textile website ecommerce

Website E-commerce

Sell more on front-end and control everything in back-end.

"The digital transformation journey of X20 Nam Dinh is in a crucial stage, and by chance, we have encountered and learned about Viindoo. We hope to have a comprehensive production management tool that assists the company's leadership in making decisions and planning."

- Mr Chu Van De - Chairman of the Board of Directors of X20 Group

case study of textile erp in x20 nam dinh

Viindoo ERP Software for Textiles Industry 

All-in-one textile management system

Viindoo Inventory icon


Manage all your warehouses

Viindoo Purchase icon


Deal with your Supplier

Viindoo Point of Sa;e

Point of sale

In-store, payment, billing

Viindoo Sales icon


Grow sales. Manage sales team

Viindoo Manufacturing


Planning & Scheduling, Report

Viindoo Payroll


Enable payroll automation

Viindoo Accounting

Accounting & Finance

General Accounting, Costing

Viindoo PLM


Product lifecycle management

Viindoo Ecommerce


Sell more with online store

Viindoo CRM


Customers Relationship Mgt

Viindoo Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social marketing integration 

Viindoo Dashboard icon


Real-time automated reports

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Resources for business owners

Revolutionizing Textile Manufacturing and Software Solutions

Revolutionizing Textile Manufacturing and Software Solutions

Textile industry faces increasing pressure to meet growing demand while maintaining efficiency and sustainability.

Digital transformation in Textile industry

Digital transformation in Textile industry - Story of X20 Nam Dinh

Up to 85% of Textile businesses are SMEs with the continuous development of technology and automation.

FAQs about Textile ERP System

Textile manufacturing software/textile production software: focus on production planning,  scheduling, resource allocation, workflow optimization, and monitoring of production activities

Textile inventory software: track raw materials, work-in-progress, finished goods inventory levels, facilitate demand forecasting, and stock replenishment.

Textile accounting software: production cost, budgeting, accounting, invoicing, and financial reporting.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems: manage the entire lifecycle of textile products, from concept and design to production, distribution, and disposal.

Textile ERP system: ERP software for textile industry, like Viindoo ERP, integrates core business processes such as inventory management, supply chain management, PLM, quality management, financial management, POS, omnichannel sales, customer relationship management into a unified system. It helps textile business streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions across all areas of the business.

Viindoo ERP Software for Textile industry charges according to the actual number of monthly users, allowed access to all applications. Checkout here:

You absolutely can. We provide detailed documentation to guide you through the installation and deployment of your business system. In case your data is too complex and you're unsure where to start, we offer ERP Implementation services to make it easier for you.


Viindoo software provides Viindoo Customizer app to help businesses adjust and design applications to suit their management needs.

Besides, the software is built according to a modular structure, easily expanding applications according to specific needs without having to rebuild the ERP system from scratch. We also provide customization services so businesses can choose to develop additional features as required.

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