A comprehensive solution for centralized, accurate and automatic loan management

All focused data in the all-in-one system

One-stop system stores all credit contracts showing period, interest rates, due date for both disbursement and principal refunds

Timely track the borrowing and lending process 

Search for borrowing and lending amounts, periods of disbursement and due dates quickly, effortlessly, precisely.

Keep track of cash flow

Track cash flow to actively make investment plans, optimize resources to come up with opportune financial decisions and solutions.

Up-to-date reports

Provide visualized reports based on measures without spending several hours on manual data entry.

Viindoo Loan Management -  Key features

Cash flow Planning

  • Create and automatically follow disbursement and refunds.

  • Keep track of all the information related to borrowing and lending contracts listed in the interface in the system: loan amount, loan partner, interests, disbursement date and refund date.

Viindoo Loan Management the lending and borrowing process in loan management Viindoo

Automatically calculate, anticipate, track and record the interests based on configured repayment structure.

Viindoo Loan Management Interest rate automatically update in Loan Management Viindoo

Close Integration with Accounting and Invoicing for the loan‘s life-cycle management. 

  • Provide a tool for businesses to follow the loan maintenance processes based on the confirmed contracts.

  • Keep track of the due date, paid and to-pay amount for each principal refunds payment.

  • Manage liabilities, principal refunds, interests based on configured period.

Viindoo Loan Management Integrate with accounting in Loan Management Viindoo

Visualized and multi-dimensional reports with an overview of the loan processes 

  • Automate and update the reports system with real-time data and visually presented by Pivot and graph.

  • Easily evaluate the reimbursability of the loan process by tracking each payment’s progress.

  • Flexibly make reports on numerous measures. You can effortlessly and quickly filter and group data.

Viindoo Loan Management
Reports in Viindoo Loan Management

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