Key Features

Track time-off requests, integrate with attendance management system  and automatic payroll software to simplify administration.

Various employee absence types

Leaves on Business trips

Employee leaves: Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave...

Other purposes: Work from home; Time-off due to health conditions...

Viindoo Time-off Application

Online request and approve time-off

  • Employees can request new time off allocation themselves, or create new time off based on configured types of leave.

  • Store all notes and messages between managers and employees in Require employees.

  • Simplify processes of requesting and approving time off without calls, messages, applications, etc for permission.

Request new time off and allocation with Viindoo Time Off

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Automatic payroll calculation

  • Automatically record and display hours of time off and the remaining (if available). 

  • Eliminate manual calculation and errors.

  • Link directly to the Payroll Software, combined with the salary rules for each leave type to calculate the exact employees' salary amount.

  • Automatically included the employee costs in the related project/ task for business purposes or Work from home time-off request.

Automatically calculate payroll

Automate all related schedules, activities during employees' time-off

  • Automatically create the employees' time off on company calendar, depending on settings of Time Off Officers.

  • Display a special icon on the chatbox of business social network, supporting others to arrange related work accordingly.

  • Automatically cancel employee meals based on approved time off.

Display the Employee's Time-off on Calendar Application

Time Off Analysis

  • Automatically aggregates all time-off information of employees, departments: time off, time off type, status, etc.

  • Allow managers to track and compare employees' time off insights, creating a basis for adjusting human resources policies accordingly.

  • Visualized reports displayed in Calendars view, Dynamic Pivot Tables or bar charts, pie charts. 

  • Easily search, filter, group data according to viewer needs.

Time Off Analysis

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Record & manage the work time, and automatically calculate the project’s cost.



Display the time off, leaving time of any employee on public schedule.   



Appoint the suitable superiors who can validate time off requests.           


HR Meal  

Automatically cancel employees' meal orders based on approved time off .

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