Increase work efficiency with Viindoo - Viindoo Calendar

Manage time wisely

Arrange appointments simply

Control schedules entirely

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom

More convenient in managing appointments, providing flexible working utilities.

Integrated Viindoo Calendar with Google Calendar

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook

 Automatically sync  all scheduled appointments with Google Calendar, Outlook.

 Receive appointment or meeting notifications without logging in.

Integrated with Zoom

 Automatically create a Zoom meeting link and sync with the meeting in the Viindoo system.

 Send emails with a Zoom meeting link to attendees.

Integrated Viindoo Calendar with Zoom

Set up quickly, control every appointment

 Add  attendees to sync scheduled appointments on their Calendar. 

 Allow setting time, duration, location, etc. help attendees actively follow and get detailed information about the scheduled meeting.

 Set up notifications in the system or via email to remind all attendees.
 Track all scheduled appointments in the view of Date, Month, Year.

Set up quickly, control every appointment - Viindoo Calendar

Access on your  mobile devices 

Support a flexible and diverse working style. Quickly check on  schedules  on mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

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Simple customization and operation

Adjust appointment schedules easily with  drag-and-drop . Save changes and send notifications to attendants immediately and automatically.

Reduce manual work with  recurrent  settings, record a schedule with a few simple clicks.


Control and grasp the whole calendar of the enterprise

Increase efficiency, support collaborative work and enable managers to have an overview of each employee's schedule.

 Integrated with other applications  to record activities to Calendar as Event application, Time-off application, etc.  

 Grasp the whole  schedule of colleagues and visualize with different colors.

Control and grasp the whole calendar of the enterprise

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications


Project Management

Easily analyze the assigned task & manage the prediction, staff on any stage of the project.   



Monitor your employee contacts, save the important data of your group.                



Manage employee time-offs, automatically update and display the information on the public timesheet.             



Set up your pay-list and calculate salary for each employee based on salary standards.

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