Viindoo CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Manage all customer data.  Optimize Customer Service.
Close more deals in less time.




Why Viindoo CRM?


Key Features


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Grow your Business and Customer Relationships like never before


Manage all Customer Data

Automatically create leads, Interact with customers while the entire data is stored.
All in a single platform.


Optimize Customer Service

Easily schedule actions & set priorities throughout the sales pipeline.


Close more deals in less time

Manage multiple sales teams, closely follow progress towards the Revenue target via
real-time reports.

Key Features

See how Viindoo CRM helps your business sell smarter, better and faster

Comprehensive Sales Pipeline Management

Manage the sales pipeline from New, Validation, Quotation to Won state. Never miss any information with the smart Kanban interface.
Drag and drop to change the state.

All-in-one data management 

  • One platform for all customer services and information

  • Multi-channel integration for customers interaction: incoming email, website, live chat, etc.

  • Automatically create leads from different sources

  • Standardized library of customer data showing complete customer contexts and information

  • Customer segmentation according to various criteria, for full exploitation of customer data. 

Efficient Customer Relationship Management

  • Schedule activities for customer services, ensuring timely follow-up and reminders. Never miss any customers or tasks.

  • Save time with an auto-updating email template library that's easy to use and customize to your liking.

  • Easily track customers' states and priorities for effective information exploitation with appropriate customer service.


Viindoo CRM

Work anytime, anywhere, on any devices

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Keep track of your sales team

An overview of your sales teams' work progress and results

Recognize & handle "blockage" points promptly to optimize customer service efficiency

Follow customer service schedules and performance of each salesperson 

Promote collaboration & internal communication right on the customer information interface

Closely follow Revenue-completing progress of each Sales Team


Visualized real-time report with 100% precision

  • Instant, automatically updated reports, visualized in the form of Column Chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Cohort Chart, Pivot, etc with filters and groups. Easy to customize according to your needs.

  • Evaluate trends, buying habits, customer needs, customer segments.

  • Analyze business opportunities, customer sources, sales channels, sales effectiveness and closing rates, effectiveness of Marketing, advertising campaigns, etc.


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Automatically create leads who are interacting on the website.



Convert opportunities into quotations and sales orders, receive payments quickly. 


Email Marketing  

Send emails to the proper leads, ready to convert them into customer.



Integrate customer information, easily create sales invoices automatically

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