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Viindoo CRM provides 360-degree customer persona as well as optimizes customer journey for revenue growth.

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Viindoo CRM

What is Viindoo CRM?

Viindoo CRM is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management Software that manages all customer information from contact, customer characteristics, transaction history to reports. Viindoo's CRM software always puts customers at the center, helping businesses optimize the efficiency of customer care and management to increase revenue.

Why use Viindoo CRM software? 

Viindoo CRM gives you an overview of Sales, Marketing, Support, etc in customer relationship management

viindoo crm software manage all customer data

Manage all Customer Data

Automatically create leads, Interact with customers while the entire data is stored.
All in a single platform.

Viindoo CRM software Optimize Customer Service

Optimize Customer Service

Easily schedule actions & set priorities throughout the sales pipeline.

Viindoo CRM software Close more deals in less time

Close more deals in less time

Manage multiple sales teams, and closely follow progress toward the Revenue target via
real-time reports.

Comprehensive Sales Pipeline Management

Manage throughout the sales process from Approach, Appraisal, Send Quote, Close Order. The interface is designed in an intuitive Kanban format, helping users not to miss any information. Easy drag and drop operations to switch customer care stages effectively.
Comprehensive Sales Pipeline Management - Viindoo CRM software
Viindoo CRM manage the Customer Relationship

All-in-one data management 

  • One platform for all customer services and information

  • Multi-channel integration for customers interaction: incoming email, website, live chat, etc.

  • Automatically create leads from different sources

  • Standardized library of customer data showing complete customer contexts and information

  • Customer segmentation according to various criteria, for full exploitation of customer data.

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Efficient Customer Relationship Management

  • Schedule activities for customer services, ensuring timely follow-up and reminders. Never miss any customers or tasks.

  • Save time with an auto-updating email template library that's easy to use and customize to your liking.

  • Easily track customers' states and priorities for effective information exploitation with appropriate customer service.

Viindoo CRM manage the Customer Relationship

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Work anytime, anywhere, on any devices 

Manage work and quality of customer care 

An overview of your sales teams' work progress and results

Recognize & handle "blockage" points promptly to optimize customer service efficiency

Follow customer service schedules and performance of each salesperson 

Promote collaboration & internal communication right on the customer information interface

Closely follow the Revenue-completing progress of each Sales Team

Viindoo CRM set up the Scheduled Activity with Customers

Visualized real-time report with 100% precision

  • Instant, automatically updated reports, visualized in the form of Column Chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Cohort Chart, Pivot, etc with filters and groups. Easy to customize according to your needs.

  • Evaluate trends, buying habits, customer needs, customer segments.

  • Analyze business opportunities, customer sources, sales channels, sales effectiveness and closing rates, effectiveness of Marketing, advertising campaigns, etc.


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Yes, our Viindoo CRM offer integration with other software systems, ensures that all of your business operations are seamlessly connected and optimized for efficiency.

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