Simplify budget planning

 Organize expected financial results by cycle, revenue and expenses plan by departments, projects, etc. 
 Enable prorated budget allocation by analytic tags of each corresponding revenues or expenses. 
 Summarize the actual spent amount based on journal items records of both general and analytic accounts.

Easily planing a budget - Viindoo Budget

Measure budget performance

 Capture budget fluctuation trend, real-time update practical amount when relevant accounting entries occurred.

 Set up customizable warning rules to ensure timely alert person in charge.

 Measure achievement by automatic calculation of performance rates based on planned data.

 Easily look up, track, refer to the journal items occurred in the budget.


Multi-criteria budget analysis and reporting

 Reporting system shown in pivots, lists, charts (bar chart, pie chart, line chart), etc, provides users with real-time multi-dimensional and intuitive data.

 Analysis data by multiple criterias: budget type, analytic account, etc., enable period-over-period comparison, easy to track by default or save into personal dashboard.

Multi-criteria budget analysis and reporting - Viindoo Budget

    Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications 



    Precisely and timely control by integrating order requests and invoices.  



    Manage quotations, orders, invoices, stock and customer payments.



    Create orders based on replenish rules or related customer orders.



    Collect and analyze the statistics of forecast and progression for projects.   

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