Digitalize employees' expenses data and approval process with Viindoo Expenses

Remove the complicated, uncontrollable approval process.

Manage every employee-related expense such as travel expenses, expenses for office utilities, etc.

Reduce manual managing processes, increase processing speed and accuracy.

Auto alert helps users receive timely and accurate information in their specific roles.

Record the history of editing, discussing, approvals of each management level.

Aggregated data helps managers have enough information to allocate financial resources.

expense-viindoo Viindoo Expense Management with Kanban - Viindoo

Key Features of Viindoo Expenses

Paper-free expenses management

Auto-accounting and easy reconciliation

  • Integrated directly with Viindoo Accounting, auto-create expense entries. The Accounting department can track the source of the expense entry to see which employee related to, which partner created the invoice, etc.

  • Integrate with Viindoo Sales, support re-create the invoice directly from the order to send to the customer.

  • Integrate with Viindoo Employee Advance, help you reconcile between the employee's advance and the employee's expenses.

Expense Report - Viindoo Expense

Accurate, instant and multi-dimensional Expenses Reports

  • Auto-aggregate all your expense report as well as your subordinates' with multiple criteria, providing a comprehensive view of your organization's expense.

  • Display intuitive reports with a dynamic pivot table or bar/ pie/ line charts.

Viindoo expense report

Fully integrated with other applications

Viindoo Invoicing


From expense reports to accounting invoices in a few steps.

Viindoo Employees


Share the permission to validate employee's expense before send to accounting files.

Viindoo Employee Advance

Employee Advance

Quickly create and approve employee advance request.

Viindoo Accounting


Record the expenses of company and employees, auto-accounting, and paying for the invoice.

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