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Purchase order software supports businesses to manage information, purchase history from suppliers, track and manage order delivery status initiatively.

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Viindoo Purchase order software
Viindoo Purchase order software

Challenges in purchase management

Purchase management consists of controlling, planning, and managing the process of purchasing goods, business materials, and production. These are not easy tasks, which leads to many challenges such as: 

  • Difficult to control problems arising when tracking many different purchasing documents such as supplier information, quotation, and purchasing plans.
  • Inconsistent data on purchase requests from departments
  • Challenges to finding lost or misplaced files
  • Purchase control is a nightmare for managers due to lack of real-time purchases. Managers cannot build purchase plans that are suitable to the business needs.

Let Viindoo Purchase help you resolve these challenges.

Advantages of Viindoo Purchase Order Software 

Following the "Just-in-time" supply chain, Purchase software in Viindoo - the All-in-one Enterprise Management Solution helps to: 

Closely manage the purchasing process, improve the supply chain

Easily compare, and select Vendors with competitive offers

Grasp information quickly, make accurate and timely decisions 

Keep track of the overall purchasing process and purchase history of each vendor

Integrated with Inventory, Sales, Invoices, and Accounting management tools

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Reduce manual expense management

Manage supplier information effectively

Cut manual management task

Key Features of Viindoo Purchase Order Software

The following are the outstanding features that Viindoo Enterprise Management Software brings when using Viindoo Purchase

Manage Requests for quotation and Purchase orders

 Easily manage all Requests for quotation and Purchase orders in the overview.

 Automatically suggest purchase agreements by predefined rules.

 Customize filters and data groups to track purchasing activity and supply history

 Set purchase order approval rules.

Manage Requests for quotation and Purchase orders -Viindoo Purchase order software

 Work collaboratively, discuss internal information and get replies from partners right on the purchase order view.

 Automatically generate a delivery plan (draft receipt) upon confirmation of the Purchase Order

 Data link, integration of payment terms with Accounting application

Manage Requests for quotation and Purchase orders - Viindoo Purchase order software

Vendors information management

  • Digitalize Vendors’ information, easy to search data anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage price lists and transaction history,  helping businesses evaluate vendors’ capacity to select the one with the best offer.
  • Analyze delivery time of each vendor.
vendors information management Viindoo Purchase order software

Call for tenders and purchase contact management

​ Create purchase requisitions and send them to multiple VendorsUser guides

​ Manage purchase contracts, track progress and payment deadlines.  
Call for tenders and purchase contract management - Viindoo Purchase order software

Multi-criteria purchasing analysis report

  • Detailed purchasing activity analysis including purchase order history, debt statement, etc.
  • Analyze purchasing activities, detailed order tracking by day/month/quarter/year. Automatically calculate indicators: average purchase price, order processing time, received/unreceived quantity, delivery time by purchase order/purchase contract,...
  • Customize reporting criteria to aggregate purchasing data by items, vendors, or representatives, etc.
  • Display report intuitively, easy to track with dynamic Pivot table, line chart, pie chart and bar chart; export to Excel.


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