Viindoo E-Office System

  Digitize business management and operation;

 Nurture a professional demeanor in front of customers & partners;

  Form a proactive, responsible business culture, creating collaborative and cohesive working habits for each employee.

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 Why should businesses switch to E-Office?


Enterprise resources such as fleet, equipment, meeting rooms, etc. are not planned effectively. 

Leveled off revenue as opposed to increasing management cost (in terms of printing, papers, file storage, etc.)

It is time-consuming to find information and documents.

Inconsistent regulations and policies due to information interruption.

Stalled work progress, waiting for approval due to the manager's absence.

Cannot keep up with the trend of digital transformation.

E-Office 4.0 - "Paperless" Office Operation

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Social Media management in Viindoo E-Office

Social Media

Viindoo Discuss 

Record, store, manage all emails, notifications, work messages, etc. on the business' own platform.

Contact management in Viindoo E-Office

Contact Management

Viindoo Contact

Store & categorize partner, customer, supplier contacts with consistence and transparency.

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Manage personal notes with Viindoo E-Office

Personal Notes

Viindoo Notes

An online notepad makes it easy to create personal notes, to-do reminders, and to work collaboratively.

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Documents Management with Viindoo E-Office

 Doc Management

Viindoo Documents

A centralized storage space designed for your business'  document planning.

Schedule management with Viindoo E-Office

Schedule Management  

Viindoo Calendar 

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom to send meeting notification on your devices even when you are logged in.
Dashboard management in Viindoo E-Office

Dashboard Management 

Viindoo Dashboard

Extract data from multiple sources to provide a private workspace, helping users to proactively and instantly check their activities.

Employee management with Viindoo E-Office

Employee Management

Viindoo Employees  

A system to store and manage employees' profiles with multidimensional info for better decision-making.

Project management with Viindoo E-Office

Project Management

Viindoo Project

Plan, project and track progress accurately, detect bottlenecks timely on one single platform.

Viindoo E-Office is an important piece of the Viindoo Solution suite

Streamline processes and optimize efficiency in all business stages, connecting different departments into one single system

 Trusted by many enterprises


Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office

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