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Viindoo Notes Application - Your digital hand notes

Viindoo Notes helps businesses:

  Improve productivity, manage all notes with ease.

 Collaborate effectively right on notes. 

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  • Unlimited users

Viindoo Notes - More than a note-taking app

Organize personal notes easily, effectively. Manage all important documents, notable information in one place. 

Easy collaboration and discussions. Viindoo Notes saves all history of editing and discussing on every note.

Key Features of Viindoo Notes

Ultimate note-taking tool

 The fully-powered editor allows formatting texts in multiple ways: bold, italic, underline; align font size, font, alignment, etc. Import documents easily in a few seconds.

 Export notes as text, HTML, or Etherpad.

 Viindoo Notes can be accessed and used anywhere, any time, on any device.

Taking notes with Viindoo Notes

Organize notes with ease

 The Kanban interface integrated with click-and-drag will provide a free space for organizing notes. Users can optionally set up different stages and colors for each note for management and tracking.

 Easily schedule to-dos and activities for certain notes right on the overall view.

 Search, sort notes in seconds with Viindoo's powerful filters, group and search.

Organize notes effectively

Collaborate effectively

Collaborate on Viindoo Notes's chatter

 Quickly add other internal users into notes by Add followers/ Add Channels. Easily share with external users in “Read Only” or “Editable” mode.

 Directly send emails/ mention others in the Chatter area. Viindoo software helps to save and store all discussions, changes on Chatter. 

 Built-in Etherpad online editor, allowing multiple people to collaborate on a single note at the same time.

  • Quickly check numbers of people viewing the same note.

  • Track all changes on notes. Each member's lines are associated with different colors.

  • See full editing history right at the note. Members can bookmark important content versions during the editing process.

  • Chat, discuss directly with other members taking notes on Etherpad's Chat.


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications


Project Management

Easily analyze the assigned task & manage the prediction, staff on any stage of the project.   



Monitor your employee contacts, save the important data of your group.                



Manage employee time-offs, automatically update and display the information on the public timesheet.             



Set up your pay-list and calculate salary for each employee based on salary standards.

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