Viindoo SCM - Supply Chain Management Software

Viindoo SCM supply chain management software is a tool for managing and executing transactions, from the manufacturer to the retailer and finally to the user in the supply chain.

  • Optimize business process, warehouse management, and inventory management

  • Improve the process and service of delivering products to customers

Struggling with Supply Chain Management?

Các vấn đề doanh nghiệp thường gặp trong hoạt động quản trị Chuỗi cung ứng

  Broken information, no connection, ineffective communication between suppliers, partners, customers, etc. in the supply chain?

  Difficulties in gaining insights and predicting market demands to keep enough inventory and meet customer consumption trends?

  Unable to keep track of merchandise flow in real-time, hence untimely distribution and rotation?

  No optimized solution available, resulting in high transportation costs which account for a large proportion of the product's cost, affecting the price competitiveness?

  No process and planning to manage supply-demand, input materials, output products, etc., leaving businesses in a passive position with risks in the supply chain

If your business is experiencing the above problems, Viindoo SCM supply chain management software is a worth-considering solution. This is an effective SME management software for your supply chain management process.

Viindoo SCM

The role of supply chain management software

  • Connect every aspect of the supply chain with a standardized process and automated rules.
  • Provide a big picture for businesses, help catch up with the rapidly changing market, and improve business competitiveness. 
  • Enable an open system that integrates every module including Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, etc. on one platform.

General features of the software

The Viindoo management software is fully integrated with modules, helping businesses to comprehensively manage the supply chain.

 Overall strategy planning

 Purchase Management

 Manufacturing Management

 Inventory Managemen

 Sales Managemen

Accounting and Finance Management​

 Benefits of Viindoo SCM supply chain management software

5 factors to help businesses build optimal and efficient Supply Chain

Support building an optimal and efficient Supply Chain

Overall strategy design

Viindoo SCM helps businesses collect, analyze, and assess customer trends and needs through data on location, purchase history, website visits, etc. to address needs and design an overall strategy.

Sales process setup

Building and developing an optimized and automated sales process with Viindoo SCM helps your businesses control order status closely, hence minimizing risks and optimizing costs.

Supplier network setup

To ensure an uninterrupted supply chain, Viindoo SCM supports businesses to build a network of suppliers, and helps to compare and evaluate supply capacity to select suppliers with competitive prices.

Inventory management

Viindoo SCM enables businesses to control import - export - stock and supply the right merchandise with the right number within the right amount of time to meet all needs of customers and serve the distribution strategies of enterprises.

Technology  implementation

Viindoo SCM is an all-inclusive solution for supply chain management and integration and an effective tool for businesses to improve  their performance, connect operations, and automate operations across the supply chain.

Standardize Supply Chain Operations with Automated Rules

SCM software helps save time & effort and optimize operations to improve efficiency across the supply chain.


 Set rules to activate replenishment requests:

  • Make-to-order

  • Make-to-stock

 Automate replenishment process in multiple methods:

  • Buy from suppliers;

  • Manufacture or Outsource;

  • Stock transfers among warehouses;

  • ...


 Record all landed costs and automatically create allocation journal entries to a djust stock price.

 Support multiple inventory valuation methods:

  • Standard Price;

  • FIFO;

  • Average cost.

 Enable automatic deliveries with logistics methods like Drop-ship  and Cross-dock.

Connect every aspect of the supply chain

An open system which integrates and manages every apps in only one
Viindoo platform

Information System Management

Manufacturing Management

Sales & Purchase Management

 and many more...

Transparency, flexibility, and maximum value creation for the Supply Chain

Coordinate operations across departments of the enterprise, providing an overall picture, responding to the ever-changing landscape, and enhancing competitiveness for businesses.  

Enhance logistics control.

Enhance collaboration efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Enhance the ability to control and evaluate efficiency at each stage in the supply chain.

Increase transaction volume through accelerating real-time data exchange

Increase sales with effective customer responsive implementation.

Minimize inventory.

Reduce operating costs across the supply chain from transportation, and distribution, to warehousing, and more.

Reduce product costs and improve profits for businesses.

Minimize risks and respond quickly to changes in the market and consumer needs.

Improve customer service and increase business competitiveness.

Viindoo SCM solution - trusted by many enterprises


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