Digitalize supply chain for foreign trade enterprises

      Digitizes all data, documents, and information related to Vendors/customers, declaration information, foreign trade dossiers, taxes, tax grace, etc.

      Set up the foreign trade process in stages, connecting the foreign trade procedures with the purchase/sale contracts, invoices, and documents, foreign trade information, storage, and circulation points.

      Manage all documents of the foreign trade dossiers to manage and lookup easily.

      Record the related costs and apportion them to the cost of goods, helping enterprises have sufficient data to calculate, create pricing policy, and be more proactive in their strategies, plans of coordinating the supply chain.  

      Key Features of Viindoo Foreign Trade

      Manage foreign trade partner’s information


      Manage Custom Clearance Documents

      Create declarations and attach customs clearance documents to make it more convenient for searching and collecting documents.

      Record goods value in the original currency and convert them using exchange rate on the customs declaration, this will be the basis for calculating original price and related foreign trade taxes.

      Managing the process of opening customs declaration, helping  people in charge and Managers grasp the work progress when there is any change.

      The information exchange tool right under the declaration helps create a collaborative working environment. Reporting and controlling work anywhere on any mobile device helps  employees in charge and managers interact quickly, clearly, and conveniently.


      Manage foreign trade taxes and tax payment deadline

      Set up the calculation order, tax rate, and accounting terms for related taxes.

      Applying each tax, tax rate to groups or products helps speed up the tax calculating process, makes it more automatic and accurate.

      Manage tax payment time for each declaration, help enterprises be more proactive in cash flow, avoid violations of tax payments due.


      Integrate with Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting apps

      Link purchase/sale orders with corresponding custom clearance documents

      Integrate with Inventory app to manage the entire goods movement related to import and export activities


      • From the partner’s storage location ‣  Import - Custom zone ‣  The company’s stock location.

      • From the partner's storage location ‣ Import - Custom zone ‣ Receipt / Gathering location ‣  The company's stock location.

      • From the partner's storage location ‣ Import - Custom zone ‣ Receipt/Gathering location ‣ Quality Control ‣  The company’s stock location.


      • From the company's stock location ‣ Export - Custom zone ‣ The partner's storage location.

      • From the company's stock location ‣ Delivery/Loading location ‣ Export - Custom zone ‣ Partner's storage location.

      • From the company's stock location ‣ Delivery/Loading location ‣ Packing zone ‣ Export - Custom zone ‣ The partner's storage location.

      Integrate with Accounting app

      Auto-create corresponding journal entries for the import/export activities, calculate and pay taxes, allocate the import/export costs to the cost of goods.

      Flexibly integrate with other Viindoo apps



      Manage foreign trade partners' information, transaction history, product information, delivery time, incoterms, etc.



      Link with sales orders helps create export custom  clearance according to exporting contracts.



      Link with purchase orders helps to create import custom clearance according to importing contracts.



      Track the product’s transaction steps. Allocate costs to the cost of the products.



      Record products' value. Manage payable/ receivable of import/ export activities. Manage tax obligations and tax payment time.

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