Comprehensive POS Management Software

POS management made easy with Viindoo POS Chain Management Software. A software that comprehensively integrates the operations of point-of-sale management, sales staff management, POS operation optimization, goods management, sales policy & price and multi-dimensional reporting.

POS Application Viindoo

Simple, unified and fast POS management

Multi-point of sales management

Create and manage POS on one view. Synchronize all data of Customer, Sales policy, etc. from Inventory Application and Accounting Application.

Viindoo Multi POS

User-friendly POS view

  • Process orders simultaneously with ease.

  • Enable simple operations of payment, exchange/return, refund.


Work perfectly with Internet connection problems

  • Require connection only when the sales session starts. The system can run smoothly even when the internet is down.

  • Automatically synchronize data when it’s back online.

Key features of Viindoo POS

Manage POS Sessions

Provide specific information for each POS session: POS Name, Person in charge, Journal entry, Opening date, Closing date, etc.

  • Detailed control of cash fund by par value right at the time of session opening/closing.

  • Analyze orders in sale sessions by payment method (Cash, Bank, etc.).

  • Keep track of number of sales orders, daily sales targets with instantly updated data.


Manage POS staff

  • Multiple log-in methods: Select Cashier/scan Barcode.

  • Accurately manage a number of cashiers/salespeople in each session of POS, display employee names by shift.

  • Allow changing employee names in session to control shift change and individual sales.

  • Monitor and evaluate sales staff's performances according to individual sales.

Manage products and pricing policies

  • Display different product category at sales points.

  • Categorize products by category, variation (Color, size, material, etc.) and allow to attach product photos.

  • Instantly update Pricelists, Promotions, Discounts. Run multiple pricelists for a product at once (Wholesale, retail, etc.)

Viindoo POS Pricelist

Strictly control payment process 

Suitable payment methods available (Cash, Bank, Rewards Points).

Cash funds at stores are in control.

Manage invoices/receipts as soon as transactions are completed.

    Automated, instant, visualized reporting system

    • Analyze reports in multiple dimensions as by sales orders, customers, employees, sessions, etc.

    • Different report view types: Pivot, Pie chart, Bar chart, Line chart, etc.


    Compatible with any devices

    Support quick operation with a set of high-configuration POS devices (Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Electronic Scales, Automatic Cash Drawer Safes, etc.) . Connect to a wide range of available devices (PCs, Laptops, iPads, POS Monitors, etc.).





    icon- touchscreen



    POS devices

      Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



    Collect the customer data: orders, invoice, delivery bills, etc... 



    Optimize the sales process for POS, create invoices quickly.



    Create a professional invoice within ONE click and receive the payment faster. 



    Control stocks, synchronize data, reinforce the supply orders automatically.

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