Viindoo Retail POS System

Viindoo POS covers from your store chain, inventory, employees, operations, to pricing policy in only a single application.

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Viindoo Point of Sale software​

One software for all POS demands 

From Back office, POS system store chain, to Omni channel sales

One software for all POS demands

Various industries


 Beauty salons, spas

Any devices, any hardware




 POS devices

Every business size

 Multi-store: Centralize sales across multiple locations

 Single store:  One-stop-shop tool for better sales in-store.

Less effort, more revenue  

Streamline every activities at your store. Save time with connected data from orders, customers, to inventory, etc.

Fast checkouts  

Lean interface. Smooth payment. Connect with devices: Barcode scanner, Weighing Scales etc.

Multiple orders at once

Parallel processing multiple orders. No delay, no waiting time.

Offline remains active  

Stay operational with online and even after complete disconnection.

Smooth payment   

Flexible payment methods: Cash, Bank, Loyalty points, etc.

Customer data  

Comprehensive customer data for loyalty programs, flexible pricing. 

Customer relationship management 


Every selling channels from shop, website, social media, and more...

Omnichannel ​

Powerful system for back-office  

Effortlessly oversee your business operations across all locations, in-store and online, providing peace of mind even when absent

R​ealtime inventory

Control accurate product availability as well as SKU size, stock age, etc.

Inventory management 

Employee performance

Control access right. Monitor sales performance.

Employee management 

Revenue & Expense

Automate accounting for store sales & expense.


Real-time, and intuitive reports


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