5 Mini Supermarket POS software trusted in the market

Supermarket POS software was created to support stores, supermarkets, etc. to optimize payment activities and manage revenue. However, which supermarket POS management application is good and effective on the market?? Let's find out with Viindoo management software the top 5 popular supermarket management software, trusted by many customers!

What is supermarket sales software?

Supermarket sales software (also known as sales management software) is a software product used to manage and operate sales activities in a supermarket or retail store. It will make the management and operation of the supermarket easier, faster and more efficient.

Important features to have of supermarket sales management software:

  • Import - export goods
  • Pay and print invoices quickly
  • Manage items and inventory.
  • Manage orders sold during the day
  • Manage employees
Benefits of using supermarket sales softwareWhat is supermarket sales software?

Benefits of using supermarket sales software

Supermarket sales software allows users to automate sales with payment processes, goods management, inventory import and export. Along with that are outstanding benefits such as:

  • Fast and accurate order billing by scanning barcodes saves a lot of time.
  • Help the supermarket to manage the current products and quantities simply and easily.
  • Simple and accurate revenue management: Managers can view reports, capture order and customer information by date quickly and easily.
  • Accurate inventory management: With statistical reports of products, which items are selling well, which products are running out, which items are in stock.
  • Manage the work of each employee simply, quickly and appropriately: There is a mechanism for decentralizing employees with specific functions.
  • Store data such as transaction history to avoid editing, ensuring information security.
Benefits of using supermarket sales softwareBenefits of using supermarket sales software

Top 5 best supermarket sales software in the market

Viindoo supermarket POS software

Cashier software at supermarkets, operated by Viindoo POS software , is a comprehensive solution to support and optimize the store's business processes. In addition, this software also helps to reduce and optimize processes, sales activities, payments, revenue management, etc. of retail businesses.

Thanks to Viindoo POS software, stores and supermarkets can easily manage sales location and their staff. In addition, Viindoo POS software also integrates the functions of policy management, selling prices and multi-dimensional reports.

Some features in Viindoo POS software:

  • Viindoo is store management software , which can unify multiple sales location, hence helping to comprehensively manage multiple points of sale at the same time
  • Store owners can specifically manage each session of the retail outlets, detailing price, person in charge, opening or closing date, etc.
  • The application allows to adjust employee name in session to control shift change and ensure transparent statistics of individual turnover.
  • The application offers product management and pricing policy to update prices according to market or time.
  • Businesses can update promotions, discounts or provide a variety of price lists for a product. 
  • Businesses can strictly control cash fund and other payment methods, manage, print invoices right after payment.

Especially, the sales software pricing for Viindoo supermarket POS software is very reasonable and affordable for businesses/stores in Vietnam.

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Viindoo supermarket pos software

Viindoo POS is an application that integrates many sales support functions

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KiotViet POS software for supermarkets

KiotViet is a very simple and easy-to-use POS software for supermarkets with smart interface. The main features of the retail software include:

  • Synchronization with e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok shop, etc.
  • POS management with simple payments in just a few minutes.
  • Combination with fast and convenient delivery channels in the market such as Giaohangnhanh, Viettel Post, etc.
Supermarket pos management software

KiotViet is the optimal choice for all business areas.

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An Viet Soft POSs management software for supermarket

Supermarket POS management software - An Viet Soft can support stores and businesses to manage and track POS. This application also has the ability to backup data, decentralize users to look up data easily. In addition, An Viet Soft also gives consumers some features as follows:

  • Chain management for business system with many branches;
  • Easy management and customer classification to offer reasonable customer care programs to retain old customers and attract new customers;
  • Remote reporting function;
  • Editable history to help manage employee activities better;
  • Easy import and export to Excel files.
Pos software for supermarkets

An Viet Soft helps businesses manage system chains easily

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POS software for supermarkets - POS365

Besides other store management applications - Supermarket POS software, we have POS365. It is also quite popular in the market nowadays. Here are some features of POS365 software:

  • Easy connection for devices such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and management applications, etc.
  • Quick and accurate calculation and accumulation for all products with tax and promotion.
  • Accumulation points for customers
Which supermarket pos software is good?

POS365 software support businesses in sales management

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Winta Sales mini - supermarket management software

Winta Sales mini supermarket management software is a tool to closely manage the business situation, sales of supermarkets, mini marts, etc. Some features of Winta Sales can be mentioned as follows:

  • Support for management of inventory import and export, import details, export details, warehouse tags and material details, etc.
  • Detailed management of revenue by day/month/year, over time.
Mini supermarket management software

Winta Sale Pos software application

In the above article, Viindoo has summarized and introduced to businesses the Supermarket POS software most commonly used today. If you need more advice on effective sales and business management solutions, do not hesitate to contact Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for more detailed advice!

5 Mini Supermarket POS software trusted in the market
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