5 POS software for store, restaurant, coffee shop

Nowadays, we can come across POS software anywhere, from the cashier counters of retail stores, commercial centers, to coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores,... This is the perfect solution for shops and cafes. and restaurants. So, what is POS software? What are the benefits to the business? Read this article by business Enterprise management software Viindoo for details.

POS software is rooted in the term “Points of sale”, meaning this is a software used for the management of points of sale, sales counters and cash registers. The POS software is an effective “assistant” of sales staff and cashiers at retail businesses. Currently, we could encounter POS software anywhere, from the cashier counter of retail stores, mall to cafe shop, restaurant, bookstores, etc.

One store may have one or more POS machines, namely:

  • Sales software: Support to update the imported, exported, stock quantity, revenue and debt of each sales operation in real time on the software. Store managers can monitor the business situation of different branches and stores at a time and location. 

  • Sales devices:

    • Barcode readers support scanning products codes

    • Receipt printers are connected to software to print receipts quickly

    • Sales tablets help customers easily track orders, thereby improving shop professionalism.

POS software

POS software is an effective assistant of businesses and retail stores

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Types of POS software systems currently in use in Vietnam 

​This is a new type of software appeared in recent times but has quickly become popular with businesses. This is because online POS software is the optimal version, overcoming the shortcomings of cash register POS machines and offline POS software thanks to advanced technologies. 

Online POS software Viindoo

Online POS software Viindoo



  • Easy to use even for those who are not used to using computer

  • Not fixed at one computer and can be used with many different web browsers

  • Flexible access, remote monitoring at any time through tablets, phones, etc. 

  • Information and data are secured and encrypted according to high standards

  • Continuously updated transaction information on the system, thereby users don't have to worry about data loss

  • Some softwares provide sales reports and inventory control

  • Low cost, just a few hundred dollars per month

  • Internet connection requirement 

Comprehensive POS management software - Viindoo POS

Viindoo POS software is a comprehensive points of sales management solution with modern technologies. The most outstanding advantage of Viindoo POS that is rarely met by other platforms on the market is the ability to integrate with other management software such as Inventory, Accounting, etc. Thanks to that, Viindoo POS can provide real-time sales reports and inventory control across multiple channels, limiting errors. Besides, some other advantages of Viindoo POS include: 

  • Comprehensive integration of features and services on Viindoo POS

  • Simple and fast management over multiple points of sales 

  • Easy to use and operation 

  • Stable operations even without Internet 

  • Combine with store management software and retail software to meet the demand of stores, enterprises,...

Viindoo POS software

Viindoo POS software 

With comprehensive and diverse features, Viindoo POS is the right-hand man of stores in the present and long future:

  • Selling session management: 

    • Detailed control of cash 

    • Statistics of orders in sale session by payment methods

    • Closely monitoring the number and target of sales orders each day with continuously-updated data

  • Employee data management: 

    • Managing employees accurately by shifts
    • Tracking and evaluating employee performance according to individual sales
  • Strict control over payment processes and support a variety of payment methods such as cash, bank, bonus points, etc.

  • Products and price policy management: 
    • Options to display different product categories at points of sales

    • Product portfolio planning by characteristics and categories

    • Instant updates of discounts, promotions

    • Multiple price lists running at the same time for one product

  • Automatic, instant and intuitive system report.

  • Multi-devices connection at the store.

  • Combine with sales accounting software to account for cost, expenses, and revenue,...

    POS Software

Employees can optionally log in easily

Currently, Viindoo has set up detailed and intuitive video tutorials for using Viindoo POS software with a full range of operations. Customers can access the link below to better understand the most complete way to use it. In addition, Viindoo's customer care team is also available 24/7 to help and support customers using the software.

>>> Detailed instructions for using Viindoo software <<

In addition to these superior and comprehensive features, Viindoo POS also has an extremely reasonable and optimal Sales Software Pricing to suit the needs and budget of all businesses. 

Contact Information

  • Address: 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No. 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong, Vietnam Nam

  • Email: email-sales

  • Hotline: 02257309838

  • Website: https://viindoo.com/

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Pos365 Software

One outstanding feature of POS365 is that it allows users to track inventory, import and export history in real time. In addition, users can manage the status of revenue and expenditure, track each sales account to understand the fund collection and expenditure quickly and accurately . 

POS 365 software

POS 365 software

Kiotviet POS software 

POST software from Kiotviet optimizes the employee's payment process thanks to features such as:

  • Accurate billing at the table

  • VAT and promotions

  • Bill adjustment

  • Variety use on devices such as POS machines, phones, tablets, etc.

  • Quick connection to bill printers 

POS Software

POS Kiotviet software

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TOP Offline POS software installed on the computer

Offline POS sales management software are also known as cash register softwares. However, registering cash and billings is only one of the functions of a POS software to restaurant owners. Typically, a customer can purchase a pre-supplied software package and the vendor will assist with the installation on the computer.

POS software

Offline POS software on the computer



  • Easy-to-use and simple installation

  • Friendly interface, easy to operate and suitable for a variety of business models

  • Classification and allocation of administrative rights for each staff

  • Detailed and diverse export reports

  • Low price, only 15 million needed for software, printers and scanners,.. 

  • Stored data in memory may cause data loss when the device is damaged or infected with a virus

  • Slow processing data speed due to a long time of use

  • A certain level of technology knowledge is required.

  • Fixed software cannot meet the needs of testing, checking and controlling information instantly

Sapo POS software

Sapo POS software is provided and developed by SAPO company - a company with many years of experience in the field of F&B management software. POS Sapo supports different payment operations of cashiers. For example, if a server sends a payment request, the Sapo software will immediately update the invoice and put it in the payment queue. 

Sapo POS software

In addition, Sapo supports customers to pay with many forms such as ATM, international payment cards, barcode scanning, etc. which is more convenient for customers.

Cukcuk cafe POS software

CukCuk software provides users with outstanding features such as separate decentralization between cashier and manager. When editing and changing invoices, only management level and above have the right to edit products and prices. 

CUKCUK POS software 

Besides, each cashier will have a separate account, can not log in to other people's accounts to make payments. From there, managers can easily check and track each cashier transparently and systematically. 

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Some notes when choosing POS software

Which businesses should use POS software for sales management?

Point of sale software is a great solution to improve sales performance and manage sales. This Especially suitable for businesses in the field of:

  • Supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, karaoke bars, pharmacies, fashion
  • Business Branch retail

It is recommended to use Machine POS or software POS?

POS machines are used for billing and storing sales figures. This device can be connected to other machines such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, card payment machines, cash safes, etc. To understand than about pros and weakness point ever type, they have can see right now This:




Machine POS
  • Convenient, simple, easy to manipulate and use
  • Don't worry about the problem of virus intrusion
  • Commonly used for invoice printing and payment

  • Not support to provide sales reports and control debt and inventory

  • Unable to manage remotely 

  • Relative high cost (~ 30 million VND) for POS machines, barcode scanners, invoice printing, cash drawers,... 

POS Software
  • Easy to adapt for all business expansion needs
  • Comprehensively integrate the operations of point of sale management, sales staff management, POS optimization, goods management, sales policy & price and multi-dimensional reporting,...
  • Simple operation, easy to understand
  • Not only can it be connected to the devices at the shop, but also can be connected to the phone and computer for easy management anytime, anywhere.
  • The data is updated synchronously, absolutely accurate
Must be used in conjunction with other features such as accounting, inventory,...

Can say, software Viindoo POS is a comprehensive solution that meets all business needs in just one software. With outstanding advantages and features, Viindoo has been bringing practical benefits, helping to increase operational efficiency, boost sales and simplify the sales management process.


Reputable POS software providers prioritize data security and compliance with industry standards, employing encryption and secure protocols to protect sensitive payment information.

Yes, advanced POS software is designed to support multi-location or multi-store businesses, allowing centralized management of sales, inventory, and reporting.

Can POS software operate offline?

Some POS software solutions offer offline capabilities, allowing businesses to continue processing sales and syncing data once an internet connection is restored.

This article of Viindoo has given you an overview of POS software and the most effective POS solution providers today. Hopefully the above information will help store owners and retail businesses choose the right POS software. Contact Viindoo via hotline +84 225 730 9838 now to receive a free consultation!

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5 POS software for store, restaurant, coffee shop
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