Free, easy-to-use ERP sales software for SMEs

ERP sales software can help businesses improve sales efficiency and optimize business processes, creating a premise for increasing competitive advantage in today's market. In this article, join Viindoo to learn about the benefits and outstanding features when applying ERP in sales!

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The role of ERP in business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems play an indispensable role in modern business, especially in the field of sales. ERP is a comprehensive software that helps businesses manage all aspects of business operations effectively and scientifically. So administrators have the ability to grasp the entire company situation quickly and effectively.

By integrating and automating processes related to products, pricing, orders and shipping, ERP helps create a comprehensive management model for businesses. ERP system also supports in managing pricing strategies with multi-price list feature, helping to optimize profits and compete in the market.

ERP sales software ERP plays an indispensable role in business todayERP sales software ERP plays an indispensable role in business today

So what role does the ERP system play in corporate business?

As businesses grow and the number of orders increases, traditional sales management becomes difficult and prone to errors. At this time, ERP is the top solution that administrators aim for. Not only does it help organize the order management process, improve operational efficiency, but also minimize unnecessary inventory, saving time and resources.

Thanks to the ERP system, businesses have the ability to control and evaluate every aspect of sales activities, from ordering, production planning, inventory management, to shipping and delivery. This helps create a synchronous and comprehensive management model, quickly and accurately responding to customer requests.

What role does the ERP system play in corporate business?What role does the ERP system play in corporate business?

Benefits ERP brings to sales‍

ERP sales software has become an important tool that brings many significant benefits to sales. Below are details of these important benefits, let's find out now.

Increase better sales performance

One of the most important benefits of Sales management software ERP for sales is the ability to centralize and organize sales information in a comprehensive way. Instead of having to track information across many different systems, ERP allows synthesizing all information including: Accounts, contact information, potential customers and business opportunities into a single storage platform. . This means no deals or leads will be missed.

Integrating detailed information about potential and existing customers is also an outstanding feature of ERP. ERP sales software Helps organize customer information effectively. This creates the opportunity to successfully cooperate with new customers and retain existing customers.

Through tracking and analyzing sales data, ERP helps evaluate sales team performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize workflows. This helps increase the sales success rate of the sales team and at the same time increase profits for the company.

Enhance product business performanceEnhance product business performance

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Increase customer satisfaction

ERP is a decisive factor in creating customer satisfaction, especially in a business environment that requires flexibility and effective interaction. First, by integrating many detailed customer information, ERP provides the opportunity for businesses to interact more frequently and more effectively, thereby improving customer service levels.

When relationships are built strongly, customer satisfaction levels will certainly increase. Most consumers or business partners will become more loyal when they have good experiences. This has a major positive impact on sales, creating a more stable business cycle.

Software helps ensure and enhance customer experienceSoftware helps ensure and enhance customer experience

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Enhance competitiveness

With an ERP system, businesses have the ability to track every aspect of business operations in a detailed and comprehensive way. When businesses have an overview of their operations, strategic decision making becomes faster and smarter, from applying competitive prices to optimizing customer service.

Information related to potential and current customers is also stored and managed effectively. This helps businesses create personalized marketing strategies that reflect the specific wants and needs of each customer group. The effectiveness of this strategy not only lies in creating a friendlier business environment but also strengthens relationships with customers.

On the other hand, ERP provides important analytical data and statistics, helping businesses evaluate sales performance and predict market trends. This helps businesses adjust their business strategies, focus on products and services that are in high demand, and improve customer service. At the same time, the system also helps ensure that businesses always adapt to change and compete effectively in increasingly difficult markets.

Increase the competitiveness of businesses in the business marketIncrease the competitiveness of businesses in the business market

Build a professional sales process with our ERP sales software Viindoo

To build a professional sales process with ERP sales software belong to Viindoo, we need to focus on the following important steps:

  • Quotation: In this process, businesses receive requests from customers about products or services. After agreeing on the price, the order will be confirmed and moved to the next steps.
  • Receiving orders: Order information will be updated on our ERP system Viindoo so that sales staff can monitor and check. This helps ensure accuracy and efficiency in order processing.
  • Check inventory status: The ERP system automatically updates inventory quantities, helping managers easily manage goods status and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Product selection, sorting and packaging: Warehouse staff will perform this work to prepare products for shipping. This requires automation and efficiency to ensure the process is fast and accurate.
  • Freight transportation: ERP system of Viindoo will display the shipping status of your order, helping to track the delivery process and ensure that customers receive their products on time.
  • Invoicing: In this step, the business will create an invoice and request payment from customers. Invoices can be generated in printed or electronic form, depending on the customer's choice.
  • Complete payment: After receiving payment from the customer, the ERP system will confirm payment receipt and close the order. This helps track payment status and manage finances effectively.
Build an intuitive, professional sales process withVindoo ERPBuild an intuitive, professional sales process with Viindoo ERP

When choosing ERP software, businesses need to consider factors such as capabilities sales automation, flexible data integration, and detailed tracking and reporting capabilities. With these benefits and selection criteria, ERP sales software belong to Viindoo is the perfect choice to build a professional and automated sales process.

Outstanding features of ERP sales software Viindoo

ERP sales software is a powerful tool that helps businesses manage every aspect of the sales process. From customer information management to product, quote and order management, Viindoo ERP provides a versatile platform for its users' sales. Explore the outstanding features of this tool below.

Manage sales activities

ERP's sales software Viindoo has integrated many outstanding features to manage sales activities effectively, helping businesses optimize their business processes. Below are its main strengths Viindoo in managing sales teams, sales channels and managing quotes:

  • Sales team management: With ERP Sales, users have the ability to manage sales teams by group or geographic area. This helps businesses determine specific sales goals for each group or region, promoting a competitive spirit and motivating sales staff.
  • Online communication portal: Customers can view quotes easily, even negotiate directly on the quote. This helps increase the closing rate by highlighting the value of the offer, suggesting accompanying products and facilitating the payment process.
  • Online payment integration: The software allows integration of many forms of online payment, including credit cards, bank transfers and Paypal. This helps reduce time and speed up sales, allowing customers to pay easily and conveniently.
  • Send a quick quote: Viindoo Provides available quote templates, helping users create and send quotes quickly. The ability to send quotes via Email saves time and optimizes the sales process. At the same time, the ability to centralize internal information and communicate with customers right on quotes helps improve efficiency in analyzing information and making offering decisions
Combine many features to manage sales activities effectivelyCombine many features to manage sales activities effectively

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Product management

ERP sales software Viindoo has strengths in product management, and provides a series of outstanding features to help businesses manage product information, prices, and inventory easily and effectively. Here are the main features:

  • Product management: The software allows businesses to easily manage thousands of different products by classifying products into groups. This helps organize product information in a logical and manageable way, even when the product catalog is complex.
  • Full product information: Each product is displayed with complete information, including attributes such as version, color, size, and illustration. This makes it easier for customers to choose products that suit their needs.
  • Flexible price management: Viindoo allows businesses to sell products at different prices depending on customer segments and target markets. Users can create many different price lists, such as retail price lists, dealer price lists at all levels, or foreign currency price lists.
Comprehensive management of information about your business's productsComprehensive management of information about your business's products

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Manage customer orders

ERP software Viindoo Integrated with customer order management feature. This helps businesses effectively store and manage all information related to transactions and interactions with customers. This information can be created quotes, confirmed orders, and information related to transactions, customer order history,...

Managing orders helps businesses increase interaction with their customersManaging orders helps businesses increase interaction with their customers

Manage all customer information

ERP sales software belong to Viindoo designed with many outstanding features, including the ability to manage all business information and transaction history in a detailed and effective way. These are notable strengths:

  • Enterprise information management: In addition to personal information, ERP Viindoo It also allows storing information related to the business. This includes information about the business's history, areas of operation, and related projects. This helps administrators better understand business strategies and other intended plans.
  • Detailed transaction history: Viindoo Record detailed customer transaction history. This includes previous orders, invoices, and other transactions. Managers can review previous activities in detail to understand more about customer behavior and needs.
  • Access authorization: An important feature of Viindoo is the ability to decentralize access to customer information. Each member of the company is assigned reasonable rights, only accessing information within their authority, preventing unfair internal competition and protecting your important information.
Manage all data about your business's customersManage all data about your business's customers

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Manage customer care activities

  • ERP software of Viindoo Boasting outstanding features that help businesses manage and care for customers effectively, including storing customer information and implementing unique promotions.
  • Customer Information Management: Viindoo Allows businesses to comprehensively store and manage customer information. From basic information like name and address to purchase history and previous interactions, businesses can easily access and update customer data.
  • Customized promotions: Businesses have the ability to build and customize promotions based on specific needs. More specifically, setting up special offers, discounts, and different promotional policies to attract and retain customers. This helps create appeal to customers and boost sales.
Use promotional programs to attract a wide range of customersUse promotional programs to attract a wide range of customers

In addition to the above basic features, Viindoo ERP software also has the ability to flexibly integrate with many other applications, helping to create a comprehensive system for businesses. Integration with loyalty applications, CRM software, accounting applications and warehouse management software helps businesses boost productivity and optimize business processes.

In this era, the use ERP sales software is an important step. This system helps SMEs improve performance, manage customer information and optimize business processes. This helps create competition and sustainable development in an increasingly competitive business environment. Contact now Viindoo for detailed advice!

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Free, easy-to-use ERP sales software for SMEs
Jun Nguyen March 11, 2024