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Production order management software is something that most businesses are interested in to control production orders. In the following article, Viindoo will bring to your business a leading effective production order management solution. Please follow the following article to learn more about this software solution!

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Should manufacturing businesses use Excel or specialized software to manage orders?

You should use Excel well production order management software always a difficult problem for many businesses today. In business, cost is always the top consideration. That is the reason why Excel is often used more in manufacturing businesses.

However, Excel also has some limitations such as:

  • Difficulty in managing large and complex orders
  • Errors easily occur due to manual operation
  • Difficulty integrating with other systems

Meanwhile, specialized software for production order management is a more comprehensive, optimal and effective solution than Excel thanks to its outstanding features:

  • Manage many types of orders: Sales orders, production orders, service orders,...
  • Track customer information: Purchase history, contact information,...
  • Track supplier information: Contact information, prices, delivery schedules,...
  • Monitor production progress: Production schedule, raw material sources,...
  • Easily connect and integrate with other systems such as Finance-Accounting, CRM,...

Thus, it can be seen that using specialized software to manage production orders is urgent, especially in the current era of harsh competition between businesses. So, which software should you choose to solve which problem? Please refer to Viindoo's production order management solution below. More specifically, this software currently has a FREE program to use, helping to reduce costs for businesses today! Let's see now.

Problems that Viindoo production order management software will solve

Calculate and control raw material norms for each order

One of the important features of the software is to help businesses determine material norms for production planning based on specific requirements. This ensures that materials will be used effectively, avoiding unnecessary waste or shortages.

Production order management software Viindoo also possesses the ability to closely check inventory and predict the ability of manufacturing businesses to meet orders. Not only that, with the ability to accurately calculate the amount of raw materials needed, the software will help businesses ensure stable, uninterrupted production operations.

Viindoo production management softwareViindoo production management software

Above all, the software provides businesses with the ability to make detailed, step-by-step production plans. This helps businesses optimize production processes, ensuring efficiency and final product quality. Thanks to that, the production process in the enterprise is also managed in the most detailed and effective way.

Manage sales information from order placement to payment delivery

Viindoo software allows businesses to closely track all orders and requests from customers. Thanks to that, businesses can determine detailed information about each order, including product type, quantity, order date, and specific time for each order. Simultaneously, production order management software Viindoo can also help businesses track delivery progress, create invoices and manage payment timing. Thanks to that, the process from placing an order to payment will be managed most closely.

The software allows you to manage information about promotions, discounts and rebates. Not only that, with the information management feature of important machines and equipment in the production and sales process, the software helps businesses accurately monitor the status of each different type of machine. Thanks to that, businesses can plan maintenance and upkeep of machinery and equipment appropriately, helping the production process not be interrupted by unexpected incidents.

Integrate product cost features for each order

Another important problem that Viindoo software helps customers solve is calculating product costs for each order. The software allows businesses to calculate product costs based on factors such as materials, labor, production time, and other costs.

Viindoo software will gather all costs that need to be allocated by business departments on a common interface. Thanks to that, business managers can strictly control the cost allocation process in production. These costs are also updated in real time to reflect the latest information, supporting administrators in the business decision-making process.

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Transparency of order information between departments in the enterprise

Transparency of order information between departments within the business is an important factor to enhance performance and optimize work processes. Viindoo production order management software has the ability to automatically share order information between different departments in the business.

At the same time, the order fulfillment process can also be closely monitored by departments. Thanks to that, departments in the business can understand the status of orders in the most accurate way. The software also integrates the ability to store the history of each order, helping to track changes and adjustments that have been made. This will create transparency and limit possible disputes.

Start with Viindoo to increase the competitiveness of the Enterprise

Specialized Viindoo production order management software, the best today

Production order management software Viindoo is one of the technology applications commonly used by businesses today. With superior features, Viindoo software will confidently help your business manage production orders in the most effective way.

Viindoo software will help your business solve "difficult" problems in production. All warehouse management features, prices, expenses, purchasing, sales,... are integrated on a single system. With just one software, businesses can comprehensively manage all aspects of the production process.

Viindoo software helps businesses solve "difficult" problemsViindoo software helps businesses solve "difficult" problems

Not only management, Viindoo software also helps businesses optimize production process efficiency. With Viindoo, businesses can streamline production processes and optimize the performance of operations to make production and business activities run more smoothly. The production situation in the enterprise is also updated accurately and quickly in a multi-dimensional, flexible report, helping administrators make more effective decisions in business.

In the above article, Viindoo shared with your business the basic information about production order management software. Hopefully this article will be useful and help your business find the most effective production management solution. Please contact us via hotline +84 225 730 9838 for more advice on business management solutions!

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