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Viindoo Discuss helps businesses:

  Maintain connections within your company in a centralized, organized way. 

  Never miss any notifications or messages. 

  Form the habit of organizing work effectively based on the principle of Getting Things Done. 

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Viindoo Discuss


Does your business struggle to streamline communication tools? 

75% of employees waste their time to keep up with constant dings, pings, chats, and more.

42% report missing critical information at work caused by ineffective communication tools.

66% lose 30-60 minutes/ day to keep track of messages, costing over three billion dollars in annual profits from wasted time alone. (Reports by Dynamic Signal)

Viindoo Discuss -  Business Social Network 

The mighty tool to connect, communicate and follow all information

Stay connected with your team and colleagues

  • Chat directly with colleagues in a few seconds.

  • Create channels for all members to join, or start discussions in private groups to invite only a selected number of people.

  • Easily add emoticons, attach documents/images to messages, providing a friendly and intimate experience like regular social networking sites.

Chat directly and quickly in Viindoo Discuss

Enhance work efficiency

 Keep up with every notification and message

  • Receive, store, manage all Emails, notifications, messages, etc. on the company's owned platform.

  • Keep employees focused while working and ensure data security.

Chat live from anywhere with Viindoo Discuss
  • Links to ALL APPLICATIONS in Viindoo Solutions, keep conversations open in all other Viindoo App via pop-up windows. Therefore, users can receive information and chat with colleagues on any application of Viindoo.

Explore now

  • Find any content, notifications you need - even messages with quitted employees with diversified filters, groups, and searches.


 Build up the habit of organize work effectively

Form your employees into the habit of managing work effectively based on the principle of Getting things done with 3 mailboxes:

 Inbox: store all information received, allowing users to quickly categorize notifications and messages:

  • Mark as To do for the information that needs to be saved or cannot be processed immediately;

  • Respond directly to information that can be processed immediately;

  • Mark as read for processed/unimportant messages.

 Starred: store important messages and notifications that are pending or need to be reviewed.

 History: store all notifications, read emails of the user.

Organize work and messages effectively with Viindoo Discuss

 Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Receive chat notifications, provide instant support for website visitors.


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Manage all messages of your company's social media sites in one single app.

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