Key Features of Viindoo Survey

Fast and easily create online survey

 Build question banks for different survey purposes. 

 Diversify options of question and answer setting. Categorized by topics to easily track information. 

 Competent and desirable survey functions

  • Flexibly change display layout.

  • Easily set time limit and survey access frequency. 

  • Intelligent scoring system allows to customize scoring parameters. 

  • Automatically recognize achievement. Award medals, certificates when completing the survey.

 Allow multiple users to collaborate in one survey, store discussing history, schedule activity, etc. to create complete survey templates. 

Create an Online Survey with Viindoo Survey

Shareable surveys

  • Allow sharing survey links on social media or anywhere depending on user needs.
  • Flexible access granting features, control all survey accessing users. 
  • Set automatic email templates, attachments as demanded to massively deliver emails to appropriate recipient groups.
Shareable - Viindoo Survey

Real-time, multi-dimensional data and analysis

  • Data is automatically collected, updated, analyzed at once, visualized with filters and data groups, quickly customized as demanded.
  • Statistical data under many data formats, intuitive charts, and extract the analysis easily in a few clicks.

Viindoo Survey Application Documentation

Real-time, multi-dimensional data, Viindoo Survey
Data analysis in Viindoo Survey

Applicable in every business operations

Fully  integrated with other Viindoo applications



Share your knowledge or any document to the community and motivate the others.              



Complete the recruiting process: vacancy position, keep track on candidates, search the personnel data.


Human resources

Monitor your employee contacts and any important data between your groups.             

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