Automate all business accounting tasks.

Closely integrate and real-time keep track of data.

Comply with global accounting standards.

Cash flow prediction, effective business financial planning.

An overview of your business finance with Viindoo Accounting System

Get all the necessary accounting information in a smart view including General ledger, account payable, account receivable, invoices, bank transactions, etc.

Automate business accounting task

Set up automatic transaction recording rules for each process, reduce mistakes of manual data entry at different stages, and speed up the data processing accurately, all achieved through the use of online accounting software.

Data is created only once from the beginning and used throughout the accounting process, which ensures accuracy and data-tracking ability at any time.

Automatically recommend reconciliation of matching amounts.

Smart filter, search tools help quickly find accounting information by multi-criteria. 

Instantly automatic reporting systems help Managers capture accurate data by themselves.

Viindoo Accounting & Finance Management

Handle accounting tasks following Vietnamese accounting standards

Viindoo Accounting fulfills all business demands on accounting & finance management, from cash, bank statement, assets, budget, expenses, to accounting in manufacturing, inventory, payroll, etc

Comply with  Vietnamese Accounting Standards, Circular No. 200/2014/TT-BTC and Circular No. 133/2016/TT-BTC.

Manage, reconcile, and track changes in cash and bank integrated with payment activities. 

Gather manufacturing cost based on data of Manufacturing application (BoM, manufacturing activities and process, etc.). Accounting entry incurred at the time of raw materials export, consumption record, and product import.

Record the payslip and payroll contribution in Payroll Application; make accurate, timely, and periodic salary data according to actual payment. 

Integrated accounting management system: Tools to build and apply both accounting and financial management systems with different purposes:

Sum up revenue and expenses by project.

 Gather and allocate costs by the purpose of payment, by department, by performed tasks, etc.

Viindoo Accounting Handle accounting tasks following Vietnamese accounting standards - Viindoo

Automatically record Inventory journal entry by situation and time (import, export, inventory, remove, etc.) 

Manage asset depreciation.

 Monitor, manage, track, and allocate the business’s asset depreciation. Automatically generate accounting entries corresponding to each depreciation period.

 Set up flexible depreciation methods depending on user needs including straight line, regressive, and accelerated depreciation.

 Allow selecting multi-periodic  depreciation methods by number of depreciation, end date of depreciation allocation, and number of monthly depreciation.

 Support other related tasks: assets disposal, assets destruction, assets import, assets revaluation, and extra inventory costs.

Track account payable, account receivable via invoices, payments, etc.

 Spend less time on reconciliation and data audit.

  Trace accounting data sources anytime, anywhere.
  Continuously update partner's account payable, and account receivable amount in real-time.

Viindoo Accounting Handle accounting tasks following Vietnamese accounting standards - Viindoo

Country-specific accounting system  

Viindoo Accounting brings various localized accounting systems adhering to country-specific accounting standards. 

Viindoo Accounting Keep control of your global finances

Multidimensional report, instant update

Instant, multi-dimensional data reporting by user levels. 
Enable data comparison by the financial cycle, visualization of the financial trend over the months, periods, years, etc.


 Fully integrated with other applications


Manage quotations, orders, invoices, stock and customer payments.

Point of Sales

Create bills at Point of Sales and add them to Viindoo Accounting.


Control inventory activities, automatically trigger replenishment in time.

Explore Inventory

Control employee expense, shorten the validating time & the management process.

Explore Expenses

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